Is This The Single Greatest Piece Of Clothing You Need To Create A Ridiculously Stylish And Versatile Wardrobe?

Is the feeling of overwhelm when you stand in front of your closet turning you off big time?
If only you could find a simple and easy solution to create a versatile closet that allows you put together 100’s of outfit combinations with a minimum of items in your wardrobe…!
Well, I may have the solution for you in this very blog.

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How To Find Your Perfect Necklace

My mum used to call me “la tonta de los collares” an approximate translation: the fool of necklaces, hehe!
The reason? I used to buy any necklace I would find that was cheap and looked nice, without paying much attention to what suited me or how long it would last…
The result? A LOT of junk in my necklace hanger inside my teenager bedroom.
Things have changed; I am the one who chooses beautiful necklaces for my mum nowadays, hehe!
Watch this video to find the perfect necklaces for you!

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