What To Pack For a Summer Trip To Europe

Hello beautiful!

Packing for your trip to Europe this summer anytime soon?

So is Kate, the blog follower who asked if I could write a post all about what to pack for a summer holiday in Europe.

As you may already know, I’m from a little island in Spain called Mallorca, we go back to visit our family every year and this very dilemma pops up every single year:

What do I pack!?!?

If you want to know what my essentials are for a summer holiday in Europe (especially for the South of Europe), then you’re in the right place!

There are a couple of things you might want to keep in mind before packing:

- We (Europeans) are NOT afraid of colour!

So, you want to pack as much colour as you can/want!

You’ll blend in AND you’ll feel in your bones why we choose to wear lots of colour.

- Pack light: There’s no way you’re going to Europe and you’re not going to shop, you and I know that.

For that reason, you want to pack light to leave some space for some French dresses, some Spanish espadrilles or some Italian shirts ;).

- The way you do tourism in Europe is walking, so make sure you wear comfortable shoes. You don’t want to trip in one of the beautiful cobblestone streets and ruin your holiday, trust me on this one. Plus if you’re walking around with the kids, there’s basically no other option. BUT comfortable doesn’t mean ugly! I’ll show you some suggestions in this post.

- It’s going to be HOT: so wearing breathable, lose and fresh clothing will be the best thing you can do ☺

- You’ll see in general people dress very nicely, even going to the pool, so don’t be afraid to use regular dresses as pool dresses!

Now, knowing this, this is my list of essentials for a summer trip to Europe.

My fail-proof summer packing list to have the best European holiday:


They’re my favourite summer pieces to put in my suitcase.

The #1 reason: summer dresses take little space and they’re the most versatile piece of clothing, especially in summer.

The key is to pack the ones you’re able to easily dress up or down, depending on the accessories you’re wearing.

That means, if they’re long, they have the right length to wear with flats so you don’t step on it.

And for any lengths, they’re not made of a super cheap fabric that can’t be dressed up like ever.

It’s all about finding balance!

So, if I were you I’d pack:

2 x Long dresses

There’s nothing that screams summer more than beautiful long dresses.

Even the most casual ones can be easily upgraded to a stunning night look.

3 or 4 x midi cotton dresses (or playsuits!)

The ones you can use to go from the beach to the night.

They’re fresh, you can wear them to the pool/beach and you can also wear them to explore the beautiful cities, enter museums and if you arrive exhausted to the hotel…

You don’t even need to change them, just change shoes, a smaller purse, a couple of accessories and voila!

You can add a couple of dresses for ONLY beach/pool purposes, but here I’m showing you some that you can wear to walk around the city with flats, go to the beach or wear for a nice dinner with the right accessories.

These are some beautiful dresses I found to inspire you (click on the image if you want to go to the store).

If you’re a jumpsuit lover (like I am) you can easily swap dresses for jumpsuits, I found these beautiful ones:


1x pair of flat sandals

1x pair of beach sandals

And if you want for nice dinners,

1x pair of wedges

But these are only optional you definitely don’t need them to dress up at night. And that’s it, that’s all the shoes you need, PERIOD.

You don’t need more, trust me, you’ll find LOTS of shoes in Europe if you need to buy some ;)
Here are some ideas:


1x bigger bag

For tourism/beach/pool purposes that has a cross body strap (very important!) It’s both safer and comfortable for you ☺

1x night bag

Mini size! Only if you think you’ll go out for dinner, you don’t need anything else.
These are some suggestions:

Just make sure shoes and purse match EVERRRRRYthing,
What’s my trick to make sure that happens!?

I ALWAYS pack basically only metallic accessories!

In my case golden, as it’s my metal.

Gold sandals and golden purse for night and a golden shade purse for a daytime bag.

Swim Wear

2 x Swimsuits (or bikinis)

One-pieces are a super hit this season, and I love how elegant they are and how well they cover everything hehe!


A few accessories to dress up any of the pieces you put into your suitcase. This is my ultimate trick to pack light!
These are some I love for summer holidays:


A couple of bras (remember to pack a strapless if you need it to wear certain dresses) and bottom underwear for everyday plus an extra one.

Travelling clothes

You can definitely wear the same outfit for travelling both ways (you can wash it anywhere you’re staying).

A pair of elastic jeans a long top with a sweater as it gets chilly on the plane, that’s my choice.


You really don’t need anything else but a whole lot of openness to have the BEST time ☺

Note 1: Notice all the clothing I’ve chosen kind of belongs together?

This is because I’ve inspired the selection on a warm colour palette.

This actually makes it super easy to mix and match!

That’s why I always recommend you find out what your magic colour palette looks like, cause it makes your life incredibly e a s y.

If you want to find out what colours look best on you, check out my free masterclass: How to Love and Unlock Your Personal Style, where I’m helping you to discover your style and your colours.

Note 2: All the pieces I’ve shared with you are from some of my favourite stores all around the world and favourite blogs.

Note 3: I do this because I want to make your style life effort-less.

I don’t get a commission on these pieces, this is something I do because I love you.
If one day I do, I’ll still love you and I will also let you know ☺

I hope this was helpful and I can’t wait for you to share how amazing your trip was ☺

Keep shining!

Sending you much love and style power,