My Everyday 3-Minute Makeup Routine (for real!)

Hey Beautiful!

Ready to find out how you can get a natural and flawless look every morning in less than 4 minutes!?

I promise that’s exactly the time that I spend every morning applying makeup!

After receiving lots of comments about my “Makeup for Camera” post asking for me to share my daily version of it…

Here it is!
You can watch now how I apply makeup every morning (kids in tow) in less than 4 minutes)!

Warning: I’m NOT a makeup artist, this is just a mum of two who’s always loved experimenting with makeup and still wants to look fabulously beautiful every day she gets out of the house ☺. Because being a mum and looking great is easily achievable as long as you know your shortcuts ;)


After you watch it, I’d love to know if this was helpful!!
Did you know these brands?

Video notes:
- As you can tell, I’m a BIG fan of non-toxic cosmetics and 90% of the products I apply on a daily basis are made by brands who try to create products as clean as possible.
- As promised, here I’m listing the products I’m using (and links):
* La Mav BB Cream (I use the medium shade)

* Ere Perez Concealer (Chai shade)

* If I need extra light that day (hello teething baby sleepless nights ;) I use this concealer/highlighter: Tarte Creaseless Concealer (shade 25S)

* Loose Mineral Powder Foundation, Inika (Trust shade)

* Rice Powder Blush and Bronzer, Ere Perez

* Amazonian Clay Blush, Tarte (Captivating shade)

* Eyeliner: I use brown eyeliners always, the one I’ve always loved is Christian Dior’s it sets like no other! (I’ve been trying to find a non-toxic version but, haven’t found it yet! If you do let me know ☺)

*  YSL Long-wear stain Red Lipstick

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