Choosing the Perfect Foundation (get it right!)

Hey Gorgeous!

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You know that very moment you realise you’ve been making that one BASIC step in your beauty routine for years… WRONG?

You feel both silly and blind for not having seen that something that OBVIOUS wasn’t working.

That’s usually what happens when I help women choose a makeup foundation…

Are you completely sure you’re using the right foundation!?

You probably chose your foundation a long time ago, and maybe you’ve switched brands over the years because they discontinued the one you were using, but you always stick with the same type, because that’s what you’ve always believed it was supposed to look on you… right?

Well, here’s a deal breaker:

Based on several statistics, 80 to 90% of women wear the WRONG foundation, ha!

Can you believe it!?

Well, I can…

Because I’ve seen it with my own eyes; too many times!

The good news? I’m going to help you fix this today!

And if you're using the right foundation, today's post will help you reassure you're making the right choice to look your best!

How to Choose your Ideal Match when it comes to Makeup Foundations:

So, several things need to be taken into account when selecting your perfect foundation your type of skin, the ingredients used, etc.

But THE ONE thing that can’t be missed (and here’s where I’m helping you today) is choosing the right shade!

Over the years I've observed there’s a lot of confusion when it comes to choosing the right colour for your skin.

Today I’m going to share with you the 3-steps to follow to choose your Perfect match when it comes to Foundations:

  • First: Always test your foundation before purchasing it, (on the right spot)

Where is that?
Your inner wrist?
Your hands?
Your cheeks?
None of the above?

The right place to apply your foundation is on your jawline!!

Yup, usually that’s a very great place to apply it.

  • Second: Observe if it blends perfectly with your skin.

Your foundation is NOT a makeup item meant to add any colour to your skin but to create an EVEN complexion.

This means, covering imperfections, but not putting a mask on your face. 

There are other items you can use like bronzers that will add colour to your face.

  • Third: Get OUT!

Always, always, always...: Go outside to see how it looks under natural light.
Why? Because the store lighting can very VERY deceiving.
You might look fab at the makeup counter and when you try it at home: Oh, no! The clown effect might happen!!

Last but not least:

If you’re very lost when it comes to choosing the right type of shade...

Knowing if your undertone is warm or cool will help you to start in the right direction– you can see an easy experiment here.

If your undertone is warm: you’ll look best in foundations that have a yellow undertone. Then depending on your unique colouring characteristics you’ll look better in darker or lighter shades.

If your undertone is cool: you’ll look best in foundations that have a blue undertone.

Then, again, depending on your particular colouring you’ll look better in lighter, darker or greyish types of shades.

Now, usually, you can always find somebody at the counter who can indicate you what colours are warm and what colours are cool.

Unfortunately, other theories defend you should wear the opposite undertone, so some people would try to give you the opposite undertone.

Those are theories that believe on using opposites to look best.

I always apply the Harmony rule:

Enhance what you have by choosing elements that harmonize with the real you.

And if you’re in doubt wondering what theory works best for you (hiding or enhancing):

Try both undertones at the same time and tell me:

Which one blends best?

It’s ALWAYS the one matching your skin undertone.

If you need my help finding out more about your colouring and style, you can always come to the Style Power School Course and start getting all this colouring ans style thing right for good!

And now, I’d love hearing from you:

Do you feel like you are wearing the right foundation? If not, do you feel like trying my reliable method? I’d love to know more about your Foundation life ;)

Much love and fabulousness,

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