How to find out Your Magic Colours... In 1 minute!

Hey gorgeous,

Do you ever feel like adding some excitement to your black and gray outfits but don't know how to add colour to it?

Have you ever noticed you get more compliments wearing some specific colours?

Would you like to know how to find out what type of colours suit you best in 1 minute?

Oh, I used to get it wrong ALL the time!!

I’d always read in magazines' beauty pages: 
"Just put the colours (orange or pink) next to your skin, and choose the one that matches your skin…"

Duh! As if it was that simple!!

I needed some more specific guidance.

Today I wanted to share with you a very cool trick to discover your undertone: in other words, if your skin colour is warmer (yellow based>orange) or cooler (blue based>pink). 

I did an experiment, and it works!!

In this video, I'm explaining why it's key to know what colours look best on you; how to spot the differences between a colour that suits you and another that sabotages your fabulousness and much more!


This is my experiment collage!

Pink & Orange.png

And you might be thinking, ok so now, if I find out what my undertone is, what I can use it for!?
And I say:

For many things!!!!

  • Makeup

  • Hair Colour

  • Clothes

  • Eyeglasses

  • Your Personal Brand

If you have an important meeting, wearing your magic colours will help you project the message of confidence and power you're looking for, my friend!

What better message to project when you want to get more clients or sign an important deal, right!?

Plus, when you wear makeup colours that match your skin colour, it helps to give a much healthier look to your face.

I don’t know if you noticed, but with the pink lipstick, my face looked dull. Also, when looking at the experiment image, notice where your eyes go first.
They go to my orange lipstick pictures! It’s amazing what colour can do.

Now, it’s your turn: If this helped you out, let me know, because that helps me. Please!! Tell me I bought these lipsticks for a good reason! :P

“Keep manifesting fabulousness in your own way.”

Much love and light,