How to Find the Best Way to Dress Your Body

Hey legend,

Are you still in the hunt for a Style system that will work for you once and for all?

Today, I'm sharing with you the 3 main keys to find YOUR system, to dress YOUR body and stop that frustrating style search.

After years trying to follow cookie cutter style systems that sound very easy to follow but when it comes the time to actually apply it to your unique body, they never work...

I thought I would share with you what I've come to realize, after years and years trying to dress my body and other people's.

I hope it helps!!

How to Find the Best way to Dress Your Body (and only yours!)

Today, it's all about how to best dress your body, and how to find the best system for doing so.

Let's do it. 

I love this topic. In fact, I've created everything in my current business surrounding this topic.

Because this was a major realisation for me a couple of years ago after working with so many men and women and helping them to dress their best, and really make the most of what they have.

I realised that no matter how many systems I was giving them, and how many style rules I was teaching them, they were always the ones who knew deep down what was suiting them best.

Once we were able to get rid of insecurities and old self-esteem issues that they might have had before, they were able to make the most of everything we shopped for. 

Today, I have three main tips for you to find the best way to dress your body.

Number one. 

It is to disconnect with old patterns that you may have. 

That can come from your childhood, from last year.

Maybe you've just had a baby; maybe you just had a very traumatic experience that led you to believe that you had a specific trait that you don't really have. 

The key here, it’s to identify what is keeping you from dressing your best, and that is what’s keeping you from seeing the reality. 

There are many ways to identify this. You can use meditation. You can use a lot of systems for you to be able to connect with the real you.

Number two.

I would say, maybe it's the most important one, it is to practice self-love every single day because that's a way of showing gratitude and also a way to accept how amazing you are. 

That will give you a lot of clarity in your mind for you to be able to identify what’s best in terms of dressing your body.

Number three.

Find a very Customizable Style System. 

We see a lot of different systems in magazines, and they talk about dressing for your body shape, or many sources. 

I don't want to criticize any source because maybe for other people, those style rules work, but

I would say for 90% of people, we need a very customizable style system, and that is a system that allows you to make it your own, because there is no one-size-fits-all. 

You need to find a way of dressing your body that it's going to make you feel amazing, and not feel like you lack something. 

Definitely, a very customizable system will do it.

Last but not least, after these three tips, I wanted to give you a very, very important message today: 

Nobody knows your body better than you.

Nobody. I can guarantee you that if you follow the three tips that I've just shared with you, you'll be able to experience how true it is.

And now it's your turn!!!!

I'd love to know your thoughts about today's topic, you can add your comments below!!

Always love and be kind to yourself. 

I'll see you in the next post!

Much love and fabulousness,

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