My take on Maternity Style

Hey, Beautiful!

You asked, and I’ve heard… I’m finally writing a post about Pregnancy Style!

Being this my second pregnancy, I’ve learned from past errors and this time I had a better idea of what I needed to buy to make the most of my maternity wardrobe without spending a fortune AND feeling beautiful at the same the time.

There are many pregnancy fashion strategies: “the yoga pant fever”, the “leggings forever”, the “anti-maternity clothes" one...

I created my OWN Strategy.

Buying cool pieces that I could use BOTH in my pregnancy AND the year after.

So here it’s My Maternity Fashion Strategy KEY Points ;) :

Maternity Jeans ALL the way

The only Maternity garments I’ve bought, with ZERO shame, were Pregnancy Jeans, yup! and in different colours.


Oh boy, when I discovered this thing called maternity jeans, a whole world of comfort and allowing myself to get bigger opened ahead of me!

By the way, the wise person who invented them was definitely a GENIUS!

I still had some coloured jeans from my first pregnancy (green and eggplant), and I added a new pair of dark jeans this pregnancy.

Also, this time I went all the way and bought those that cover your whole belly, even comfier than the ones that have an elastic band, specially looking towards the last trimester when you need more comfort!


NOTE: Check out this article from where I am featured and read more about this here:


In Tom’s Pregnancy, (trying to follow the “anti-maternity clothes” strategy), I tried to hold onto my jeans as long as I could.

My mum kept telling me that wasn’t going to last forever, that your belly gets big and you need special pants to be comfy… As always, my mum was right!

I was completely horrified at the idea of buying maternity jeans. What type of cool pregnant woman was I going to become!?

UNTIL I decided to give them a GO.

I went online and shopped a couple of nice coloured jeans at the ASOS site.

I realised I could be a pregnant woman and still look stylish AND comfy :)

NEW pieces both for pregnancy AND post-baby

Ok, so once I’ve declared my love to Maternity jeans, I’ll tell you what else I bought in this pregnancy.

I didn’t buy any other pregnancy-specific items, why?

Because I think it’s as important to feel beautiful and good in your clothes in your pregnancy as it’s in your post-partum year, especially on what we call the fourth trimester:

Those months when we feel so OUT of place ALL the time, trying to get used to the new situation and totally not connected to our post-partum body.

So, buying nice pieces that allow your body to be where it is and make you feel beautiful was key for me. 

Keep in mind my goal it's for us to stop feeling self-conscious about our body bouncing back and embracing the beautiful miracle our body has allowed us to create (cellulite and all!).

So, here are the key pieces I've bought having all these facts in mind:

(For all these pieces I bought them one or two sizes bigger.
I always tried to buy nice, breathable fabrics, for them to last and feel nice)

  • Oversize Tops: Shirts (no tapering lines), Both long sleeve and sleeveless cotton tops.

Shirts like this one from Zara:


Or this top from COS:


Elastic band, wide pants: My favourite pieces for transitioning wardrobes


AND, of course: Oversize dresses!


And that’s about it!

I still have some pieces I bought during my first pregnancy, cause the truth is, oversize is SO trendy, you can play with it in SO many ways that you can always wear those pieces once you’re back to your normal weight.

My whole strategy this time around was about embracing and allowing my belly to grow, wearing clothes that would allow me to feel beautiful with my constantly changing body.

And against all the odds in this pregnancy, I got less big, and I believe a BIG part of it (pardon the pun!) was that I was OK with my belly growing and my body changing.

It does help to have experienced that your body, eventually will come to its normal shape with time, a good diet and exercise!

And now, I'd love hearing from you!:

What are your Favourite Pregnancy pieces? Are you into Maternity Jeans? How do you feel about pregnancy style in general?

Much love and fabulousness,

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