How To Buy Better Quality Clothing Without The Price Tag

Hello Beautiful!

Would you like to start spending less on clothing that lasts longer?

I used to spend so much money on clothes that didn’t survive a second wash without looking worn out. I was just tricking myself, believing I was saving money.

In the end, I realised I was just getting caught into the fast fashion roller coaster… Falling into the false belief system that I needed to buy clothing every month to be trendy!

But you know what the most frustrating part was for me?

It wasn’t that those clothes were made of polyester (and I hate that now) or that the fit was nowhere near ideal.

It was that when I found pieces that I truly LOVED I couldn’t wear them more than a month without them looking OLD!

That was sad!

Until I started realising that in the end, having MORE cheap clothing didn’t mean I had more pieces to wear, cause 80% of that closet was unwearable… It all look worn out!

That’s when I started applying my new philosophy: Buying less, investing in quality, saving even more.

Watch today’s video to find out how I do it:


After starting to shop this way, to my surprise: I now spend MUCH LESS in clothing than I used to 8-9 years ago.

Nowadays I only buy pieces (well, 90% of the time, I do have low days… But it’s important to not beat yourself up for it!) that have a good quality standard and 70% of the time I NEVER buy full price.

Some of my favourite brands that allow me to do this:
- J.Crew
- Anthropologie
- Massimo Dutti
- COS Stores
- Scotch and Soda
- Ralph Lauren
- Pedro del Hierro (Spanish brand)

(and many more!)

This allows me to actually invest the 30% remaining on full price pieces that won’t be for sale, because they’re from small retailers, but they’re unique!

The stores that I mention in the video are stores where you can actually find good quality if you look well!!

Important: stay away from acrylic, and go more for natural fabrics.

Ideally organic cotton, wool, silk, linen.

I hope this was helpful; I’d love to know!!
Let me know in the comments if you want me to talk more about my tricks to save money buying better and all the tips to identify good quality clothing!

Last but not least, if you’d like to start creating a closet that works for you, then I highly recommend you watching my [free] Style Masterclass: How to Love and Unlock Your Personal Style, where I help you to get dressed in the morning with a smile in your face.

Sending you much love and style power,