Dressing For Who You Are vs Who You Want To Become

Hi beautiful,

Happy New Year!

As we go through the first week of the year, I like to use these days to set my intentions for the year.
I do think about it at the end of the previous year, but just like l wait to name my babies until they’re born, I wait for the new year to be HERE and get a good sense of how I can make the most of it!

And this one idea that several clients have been bringing back to me lately keeps coming back to my head, and I feel like I I need to share it with you.

Now, that we’re at the beginning of the year, it’s a great time to think of your intentions and how you want to show up every single day.

Here’s the intention I want to share with you today:


Dressing for who you are vs. who you want to become.


I am a firm believer of the art of manifestation, and one thing I have proved myself to be right over and over in the last years is that…

If you truly want to manifest something in your life, you first need to believe it AND start acting as if it’s already happening.

My great mentor and dear friend Karen Brunger, told me a long time ago an awesome analogy:
When you go to a restaurant and order your food;
You don’t really look around from the minute you order it to see if your food is really coming…
You order it and keep talking with your friends unconsciously believing and acting as in your food is being made, without you supervising the process…


So it’s basically the same:
If you deeply, truly desire to become the greatest version of yourself, you may as well start dressing for it, as a sign to yourself, universe, God, that you’re READY for it.

Back in the years when I started working as an Image Consultant for Corporate clients I would always bring this idea to the table:

If you want a raise in your job, you have to start dressing for it; it’s a clear sign to let others know you’re ready for it.

This is translated for instance in the amount a client spends on a suit.

Now that my work is more focused in business in general and most of my clients are entrepreneurs, I kind of let that idea fly by, and I’m so grateful for these clients to have brought it back to me.

As I heard from Elizabeth Gilbert once:
We’re lucky enough that no matter how wrong we did one year, we get the chance to scrap it off and get a brand new white book to write a new year!

I’m decided to nail this new book and make of 2019 the year I’m going to be helping you to dress for who you want to BECOME.

That is, to dress having the ideal version of yourself always in mind and reminding you how EXCELLENT you are!

So, tell me, my dear,

Who are you deciding to dress for this year? (and by this year I mean, for the rest of your life, as this intention will have an impact for that long).

We build our life every day from the choices we make or don’t make…
what’s going to be your choice?

Sending you much love and style power,



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