Why That Dress Makes You Fat And Other Style Myths

Hey beautiful

Remember the last time you left a beautiful dress in the store because it made you look FAT?
Or maybe it was a skirt or a pair of pants?

You take it to the fitting room super excited to try something new, and then you stand in front of the mirror and you just see yourself FAT.

What if I told you that there are chances for that dress/skirt/top to be perfect for you?

No, I’m not crazy…
I’m just telling you today about a big style myth:
Why those clothes might not be making you fat!


After you watch it, I’d love to know in the comments below:
Did you have an aha moment?

If I have to choose ONE thing for you to remember is this:

Do not make the mistake of letting your clothes define you.
You’re NOT your clothes.
They can’t define who you are, you’re the one in charge.
Go out there and shine brighter than ever, one outfit at a time!

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Sending you much love and style power,