How To Find Your Perfect Necklace

Hello my dear!!!

I LOVE inexpensive necklaces, but I HATE cheap ones…

The fine line between the two types?
The first one can last years, the second one… not even one wear.
BUT they cost exactly the same amount.

If you know me, I’m a self-confessed accessories lover.
Ever since I was a teenager, I used to wear DIY earrings and necklaces that matched my whole outfit.
Over the years I have relaxed a bit in the matchy-matchy game, but once an accessory lover, always one.

I still make sure I have a good range of necklaces that add that extra touch to my outfits.

That’s why today I’m sharing with you one of my favourite topic secrets…
How To Find Your Perfect Necklace (without spending much)

You can watch it here:


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