5 Style Tips For Career Mums (Guest Post!)

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Today I'm happy to share with you our first guest post.

The wonderful Monisha Iswaran from the PR and Journalism department at Mydeal.com.au, has some amazing tips for Career Mums.


5 Style Tips For Career Mums

by Monisha Iswaran from mydeal.com.au

Being a career mum is definitely stressful, but it is also a fantastic privilege that this way of life is available to women in this day and age. However, it does mean straddling two very different types of style and fashion. On the one hand you want to be a chic, professional-looking business woman, and on the other you want to be able to rough it out with your kids at the park. Your wardrobe should reflect this - versatile, high functional, comfortable, organised and chic all rolled into one.

Here are 5 style tips for the modern day high-flying, career-driven, attentive, loving mums out there! 


1) Invest Mainly In Clothes That Don’t Require Ironing

When you’re running from important meetings to playdates, helping your kids with their homework and then rushing to meet a client for drinks, the last thing you want to be doing is wasting time in front of an ironing board.

There are just so many stylish looking outfits out there that simply don’t require any ironing whatsoever.

Just a quick wash, half an hour in the dryer and then a quick fold while they are still warm will do it! 

Clothes that need to be ironed are made from materials that are likely to crease during a long day out anyway! It’s far better to have a selection of outfits that are easy to take care of, and are going to look just as good at the end of the day as they did at the start!

2) Wear Clothes That Are Easy To Move In

The fact of the matter is, mums move around a lot! You could be chasing your toddler around or walking briskly through the office - either way, you aren’t going to want to be fretting about tripping, ripping a hole or not being comfy in your shoes.

Does this mean you have to look drab and boring? Absolutely not!

It’s completely possible to be stylish and comfortable all at the same time!

Jumpsuits are a great example of this - they look chic, classy and lengthen out your body.

At the same time, as long as you get one that fits well they can be as comfortable as wearing a onesie to work would be.

You can dress them up with a fancy leather jacket and sensible wedges if you have an important meeting or something on that day!

As long as you wear easy-to-walk-in-shoes and invest in a good quality stroller, it should then be easy enough to take your little ones for an evening walk right after work, before dinnertime!

An example of a multi-purpose outfit at its finest! 

3) Keep Well Stocked With Classics & Basics

Although it can be fun to try and stay on top of all the different trends that come along, it can become truly exhausting! Instead, if you invest in tons of classic pieces that never go out of style, and basic, staple pieces that every wardrobe should have, you will find your life will become far less stressful!

Crisp white blouses are an absolute necessity if you work in an office!

You can never go wrong with a little black dress for office parties, cocktail events and the like - not to mention the occasional fun night out for drinks with the girls!

Staple black pants pretty much go with anything, and suit a number of different styles of tops, whether for a day at work or a parent teacher meeting at your child’s school.

Versatility and a high functioning organised wardrobe is what we are aiming for with this!

A couple of statement skirts that are easy to pair with a tucked in blouse are also great fun, when you feel like mixing things up!

4) Just Because You’re A Mum, You Don’t Have To Wear ‘Mum Jeans’!

Oh, ‘mum jeans’! Comfortable, but unfortunately this particular style has become associated with a lack of finesse - and may especially look out of place in certain work places. The fact is that these pleated pants actually add to the bulk of a waistline rather than slimming it down. 

Does this mean you should stay away from jeans? Not at all.

Some workplaces have fairly relaxed dress codes, and some stylish jeans and boots with a nice top and jacket would definitely be an acceptable outfit!

Even when not at the office, they come in handy during most of the colder months, particularly if you are taking your kids outside to play.

As a mum, you are probably going to spend a fair amount of time out and about, and jeans are just so perfect for a number of occasions, so spend some money on a great pair - don’t be afraid of skinny jeans, they can actually slim you out and look great if fitted properly!

Whether you are going to the playground with your little ones or decide to eat outside at a kids picnic table, jeans will keep you comfy and looking great all at once! 

5) Switch Up Your Hair Styles

You don’t have to perpetually either wear your hair down or in a low, loose ponytail.

Many mums fall into a rut of wearing their hair in the same styles over and over again, when this doesn’t have to be the case.

Yes, it may take you a few minutes extra in the morning to get ready if you are going to style your hair - but the effect of a well-groomed hairstyle is completely worth it, and ups the sophisticated effect of any outfit there is!

Mix things up! Use a headband, experiment with braids and hair accessories!

Not to mention, you can always use a spray of dry shampoo if you’re running short on time, to get rid of that undesirable oily look!

Once you try them out a couple of times, you’ll find most hairstyles really don’t take very long to do! If you have little girls - practice on them (or their barbies)!

There are so many options for looking fabulous as a mum, while still feeling right at home in your own skin! These 5 tips will get you started, and then there’s no knowing where your new fashionista journey might take you. 


Yay, Alma here again, those were some amazing tips!!

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