5 Ways to Dress Your Best Without Struggle

Hey there, Fabulous!

Have you ever found yourself saying something like, "If only I had a magic wand to look put-together all the time without putting much effort in."

Maybe you have such a hectic life juggling family and life that you just can't figure out how to find the time to make wardrobe choices that help you feel stylish and fit your current lifestyle.

Or maybe you're just tired of wasting your money trying on different wardrobe styles, that just won't look as good on you as they look on others.

I hear you! The idea that the only way to look put-together and stylish requires lots of time, money, hard work and/or a natural gift is TOO common (but that doesn't mean it’s true or that it’s doing any good for us women!)

So, today's post is super simple and packed with strategies to help you dress your best while barely trying! Plus, I have a fabulous free tool that will help you start upgrading your wardrobe, based on all your goodness!


Ready? Let's do it:

Looking your best doesn't have to be hard

Did you know even the most stylish woman has some type of self-conscious block that separates her from feeling she looks her best? It's usually related to a childhood/cultural belief.

It usually looks (sounds) something like this: 

"Oh! But my XXX is just too XXX to wear that."
"I'm just too XXX to wear XXX."

Well, guess what!?!? I deal with this ALL the time! Especially now after having my second bub! 
(Talk about body image going nuts!!!)

Yes, that's true, even after all I tell you about loving yourself and how fabulous we are; I also deal with those devils, and I work on a daily basis to not let that negative talk influence the way I see myself or my wardrobe choices.

The truth is, looking effortlessly stylish can be EASY.

But it's VERY important for you to get rid of false beliefs like...
- If I'm a mum, it's not appropriate to show my midsection
- Given I'm about to hit my 40's...it's not appropriate to wear a mini-skirt
- Even though I love my cleavage, I better not show it too much, because of what people are going to say!?

Right now, please, make a conscious effort to isolate yourself from that type of limiting self-talk, because, you can guess my opinion on all that BS... 

Like burping... Better OUT than IN! ;P

1 - Focus On Wearing What Makes YOU Happy:

Get a pen and a piece of paper.

List what you enjoy wearing the most and makes you feel beautiful and yourself when you wear it!

Now, take a minute to see how much of that is actually in your wardrobe choices every day.

So, in my case, some items would be: High boots, blazers, bows (I looove bows :), polka dots, stars, red lips, sparkle...! 

It makes me happy to think of all those things together :)

2 - Plan It Like You Mean It:

Especially when you're starting (or restarting) at taking care of the style area in your life...

You need to set a plan:

Sunday evening, along with your meal plans for the family, take 5 minutes to make your own wardrobe plan for the week.

This is KEY to say Goodbye to morning struggles and welcome a put-together style.

This has been a major shift for many of the Style Power Schoolers, women who never thought that putting a little bit of planning into wardrobe choices would actually set them free!

3 - Create a Wish List and SAVE:

You might come up with some items you'd like to add to your closet to achieve the style you have in mind.

Write them down and say goodbye to impulsive shopping. 

This will help you to invest in pieces that are really worth your $$ and say goodbye to low-quality pieces that not only are money wasters but also time killers (remember this is all about making life more blissful and simple for you, as well as stylish!).

4 - Look at Clothes as a Way of Self-Expression:

This is one of the BIG pillars to effortless style. Once you master this point, making wardrobe choices becomes not only struggle-free but an exciting thing to do in the morning!

Identify your personality CUES and find ways to express them through your clothes.
(No idea where to start?? ---> You're going to like the bonus down below)

5 - Allow Yourself to Feel Good in Your Clothes:

It is totally ok for you to feel beautiful in your own skin.

You'll be able to let your unique light shine and inspire others to do the same.

So if you're looking for some kind of permission... Here it is, I'm giving it to you right now! :)

And the bonus

If you want to unlock your personal style, check out my free video masterclass to learn three simple strategies to get dressed every morning with a smile on your face.

As always, you can find me helping other women (or maybe they're helping me!) thrive through style inside the [free] private facebook group Shine Collective, come over and request to join here

Much love and fabulousness,

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