The Perfect Swimwear by Body Shape

Hey Gorgeous!

It’s that time of the year...

Either it’s summer on your side of the world, OR you’re planning a holiday to a warm place.


If you need new swimwear and are dreading the moment to trying on those chicky-stretchy-tiny pieces...

Today’s post is for you!

Just a heads up: This is not your average fashion article about swimwear classified by fruit category.

I'm not a fruit type of person.

You see, I want to make it easy for you to look at your own body from the most objective point of view; that's the key to figure out how to dress your best, without any negative connotations attached to it! I find that comparing your body to a fruit works goes totally against it.

Also, if you know me, I'm TOTALLY against categorising any BODY, because there's not one body identical to another, and that's the beauty of diversity!

At the same time, I keep receiving requests from the Fabulous Tribe (join us if you haven't yet here) to create pieces of content to know how to dress for X or Z body types.

So, today I'm doing it, I'm sharing with you one of the biggest topics about dressing for your body:

How to Choose the Perfect Swimwear for Your Body Shape

First of all, keep in mind that when it comes to swimwear, no matter what your body type is, you need to feel comfortable in it.

Never choose smaller sizes, thinking it will suit you at some point, go for pieces that sit on your skin perfectly and never be disguised by that number in the tag, cause each brand has different sizing references.

There are many brands nowadays that sell separate pieces, so you can mix and match sizes and designs that suit your perfect body best (I used some international examples below).

You're looking for swimwear that honours that beautiful shape of yours and at the same time allows you to balance your figure.

Without hesitation, let's dig in!

1 - V Body Types: Those of you beautiful goddesses who have more volume at the top part of your bodies, aka wider busts and/or shoulders

The key is to avoid any type of extra volume on your top area, How do you do that? 

Staying away from details that create physical and/or visual volume, like: frills, patterns, lighter colours, horizontal lines, big patterns, etc.

All these are best in your bottom area.

Also: I would stay away from pieces with higher necklines; instead halter necks and nice v necklines with supported cups that will allow you to feel your breast properly supported.

Some great pieces for V body types:

V types.png

NOTE: Notice I've chosen both two pieces and one pieces in the examples, cause we all have preferences!

The one-piece in this example is plain black but choosing the same type of shape with details on the lower area of the piece would be great for you too.

Two pieces: Notice I keep all the fantasy, pattern, laces and all to the bottom part!

Also, the top pieces all have very good support.

Can't you go for triangle/wire free options? Of course! I'm just going with the general norm here, bigger bust - bigger need for support but if you don't need it, triangle pieces are PERRRRRRRFECT!

2 - A Body Types: Those of you beauties whose lower body is wider than the upper body.

In this case, we basically use the information from the V types and reverse it!

As an A, you have more volume in the lower area of your body aka fuller bottoms or wider hips.
You're the ones who can have all the fun with your top area!

Keep details, patterns and frills to the top.

When it comes to bottoms, go for the average type of bottoms, with the minimum amount of detail.

I'm not a big fan of culotte bottoms or shorties if you have concerns about your bottom because they usually fit too tight around that area.

Don't be afraid to go for basic bottoms that sit nicely on your hips.

Unless you want to highlight your bottom, which is also awesome: In that case, go for Brazilian cuts and bows on top of the hip.

A types - Copy.png

3 - O Body Types: Those of you beautiful divas who have more volume in the abdominal area.

To you I say: Have fun using details in both upper and lower pieces!

Keeping details away from your mid section will draw the eyes away from it.

If you use a bikini: choosing bottoms with a higher waistline is a great option, it will help a lot to disguise the fuller area.

Also uneven waistlines are a great choice, it breaks the space and so the perception of volume.
When it comes to bikini tops, have fun with them! See below some examples :)

If you go for one pieces: Choose designs with flattering patterns that draw attention away from the abdominal area.

Draping or colour contrast that creates a slimming effect in that area will allow you to camouflage that extra volume.

Some ideas:

O types.png

Brands that I used as examples:
- Oysho

- Calzedonia

- Revolve Clothing

- Tommy Bahama

- Heidi Klein

Bottom line:

Remember as with everything, the most important tip to follow it's to make sure you feel comfortable in that piece.

Take to the minimum those unflattering cutting skin hems, be patient and find YOUR fit that makes you feel good.

Find brands that make swimwear that suits your body and use these tips to make the most of your beautiful body.

You'll find the right pieces!

Also, it's VERY possible that your UNIQUE body doesn't fit 100% into any of these types, but it's a combination of 2 or 3.

In that case, pick the tips that work best for your body pattern and play with volume to your benefit!!

Now it's your turn! As always, I'd love hearing your thoughts: Post your comments and questions below! I'm all ears :)


Much love and fabulousness,

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