Why the Colours you wear are NOT important

Hey fabulous!


I've just finished running a super fun Style Challenge in the Effortless Style Hub Facebook Group and I've enjoyed once more seeing women get excited about making the most of who they are.

Some wanted more and have even gone further and joined my Style Power School program, and that's even more exciting!

Seeing your face light up when you see the MAJOR difference that can make in your energy levels and your whole style just using the right colour or the right shape it makes me SO happy that it fills me with even more energy to keep sharing with you all my secrets to make it happen!

So, my question to you today is:

Is it really that big of a deal choosing the perfect colour shade?

The truth is... It's NOT that important what shade you choose, but how YOU feel when wearing the perfect shade.

So, you might say, what do you mean Alma? How about everything you've been telling us over and over about wearing your Colours, blah blah blah...?

That's exactly right; the colour doesn't matter, what matters is the way you feel when you wear it!

We naturally feel connected to colours that match our natural (pardon the pun!) colouring, just because those are exactly the ones that enhance us and bring out the best in us.

So, if you're able to isolate yourself from society's rules and fashion cliches, the truth is, you'll unconsciously feel attracted to colours that make you feel GOOD.

Now, you might also say... Oh, but that's really easy to say... How that "woo, woo" method is going to work for me?

Give me some practical and easy-to-apply ways of choosing those "magical colours" that are going to make me feel highlighted and vibrant...! (Please ;)

Ok, so here they are,

3 Practical and Easy-to-apply tips to always leaning towards the right Colour Shade for you:

1 -  No matter what they tell you... Follow your natural colouring: 

It's the BEST guideline: Your hair, eyes, teeth, skin... are colours you can choose to start FEELING what wearing the perfect colour looks like...

2 - Pay attention to what people tell you when about what you wear:

- If they tell you: "you look beautiful today" OR "That Colour looks amazing on You"... That's a very good sign you're in the right Colour Path.

- If they tell you: "That's a nice colour PERIOD" That's indicating you they see the colour before you... Maybe look for another shade that allows you to shine over the colour.

3 - Notice how YOU feel when wearing one colour or other.

So let me give you an example: if you have a bright complexion and a bubbly personality, there's NO WAY on earth you can feel naturally excited wearing a pastel or muted colour.

You might feel attracted to it because you've seen other's looking very nice, but if you put yourself first, and notice how you feel... I guarantee you; you won't find excitement A N Y W H E R E.

Whereas if you are naturally muted, and your personality is serene and magically peaceful, you'll energetically feel at peace in colours that replicate that mood, lower vibration. And you'll even feel you are shining in gray!

So going back to my initial question,

Is it really that big of a deal choosing the perfect colour shade when it comes to getting dressed?

You can answer that now, but I hope you got enough practical tips today to realize about the KEY about wearing the right shade.

It's NEVER about the colour you're wearing, but about how YOU feel wearing it!

And now, I'd love hearing from you:

What colours make you excited and which ones don't make you feel anything at all? Post below your comments, I LOVE seeing your ideas and insides.


See you in the next post,

Much love and fabulousness,


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