How to get your Style Mojo Back

Hey, fabulous!

I'm quite advanced in my second pregnancy now, and I'm already thinking of ways of NOT falling again into the "yoga pant loop," as I did last time.

The reason? Not only because I didn't look my best, but also because of all the emotions that were related to it. Let alone forgetting about taking care of myself... and I don't want that happening again because we deserve to feel beautiful and sparkly as a woman in every phase of our life.

There are times, like after having a baby, when we feel completely lost when it comes to feeling beautiful in our clothes. When we go through an important transition, our "inside" shifts as well. 

We open our closet, and we don't feel good in any of the clothes we have in our closet.

Yup, been there!

The secret here to get out of that state is, been aware of WHEN it happens and knowing that it's completely normal.

We're evolving creatures of nature, and like everything, our wardrobe might need to adapt to our changes, for us to feel beautiful in the new version of ourselves.

So, I wanted to share with you my

3 Shortcuts to GET your STYLE MOJO back



I get asked very often, "How am I supposed to know what my style is anymore!? I'm a mom, a wife, artist, entrepreneur, a woman" (yes, that too! Ha!)...

First of all, know this is something we ALL go through at some point and also
keep in mind those are all facets of yourself that define the unique and fabulous person you are.

After having Tom, I did have moments of confusion of who I was supposed to be anymore, these words from an image consultant pal and mom, I talked to at a conference I attended in Washington were a game changer for me:

"Alma, just embrace it."

That's it!! That was the solution!!!

I wasn't the same anymore, but why fighting the new version of Alma?

How about being open and hugging the new Alma!?

So, here it goes my first and SUPER important shortcut to get your STYLE MOJO back: 
Embrace who YOU are right now, starting from this very first second. 

Everything that's going on in your life is part of who you are becoming and the sooner we accept the change and EMBRACE it, the sooner we find our way back to feel US again :) and find our style.


Do more of what makes you feel good.

Exercising and eating healthy ire, without a doubt, the best 'body image pals' you can have.

Now, I know, all of you who've just had a baby might be reading this rolling your eyes, saying, "Sure...! Can you give me some time?"

But there are MANY ways of exercising, and you know how GOOD it feels after!

That's what you want, more of that feeling and there's only one way to get it ;)

Start with 1 day/week, just one day.

And then, you'll naturally increase it, but it'll make a huge difference in the way you see yourself when looking in the mirror and trying clothes.

Focus on exercising to feel GOOD, not for looking good.


I do this one ALL the time.

Use the energetic power of color!

Even if black is a color that suits you, try not wearing it from head to toe.

Play attention to the energy you feel and project when dressing in a bright/light/rich color, especially close to your face, vs. when you're wearing just black.

Wear more colors people tell you; you look beautiful when you wear them.

Deep down, you know which ones make you feel more beautiful.

Nowadays you don't really need to do much to get out of the black monotony; there are MILLIONS of online stores out there.

You can literally get a green breastfeeding top, while feeding your bub, ha!

For all of you entrepreneur beauties, put on some color to get your work done!

It'll be much easier for you to tap into you productive and creative genius :)

And now, I'd love hearing from you!

Was this helpful? What do you struggle the most when it comes to finding your Personal Style?

And what do you do to feel great? I'd love to see your comments below!

Remember: Whenever you feel like you've lost your Style Mojo read this to yourself,

" Embrace the new version of yourself and shine through it."

Much love and fabulousness,

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