How to thrive with your style more and settle less

Hey Fabulous,


It's funny how many clothes we have in our wardrobe and how much time we spend in the mornings deciding what to wear, yet we don't stop and think how much they can help us thrive.

When invited to a wedding or a special occasion we make sure to choose a great outfit we feel & look BEAUTIFUL wearing, but we don't seem to have the energy to try and feel that way every single day.

As I'm writing this, I'm wearing a dress that makes me feel good but not great. And here I am telling you about dressing your best.

Now, I'm about to change and wear a dress that makes me feel even better, just because we have some friends coming over later on.

Here's the fact, we dress in clothes that make us feel best when having to meet others.
Ignoring the big elephant in the room: Why not choosing to feel beautiful for US, just because..., more often?

The truth is we can't feel our best ALL the time because we're human, even when wearing great clothes and we don't always feel like even getting dressed! I'm the first one here who works from home and needs to make a massive effort to just get out of my pj's many days (hello super mums, kudos to you!!!). 

But seriously, how amazing do we feel when wearing clothes that are connected to our best selves, in other words, how pumped do you feel when you're ROCKING an outfit!?

We look at Style as a very material aspect of our life and because of it, we tend to ignore how much of a difference wearing a great dress or an awful one can have in our daily power and state of mind.

Why not let ourselves "indulge" more often and thrive by feeling and looking simply fabulous?

So, as we enter the second month of 2017, here are some thoughts on using your wardrobe to thriving and feeling awesome!

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How to thrive with your Style no matter what

1. Thrive by taking off the pressure of having to look a certain way, instead choose clothes that are connected to you.

2. Thrive by loving your unique perfection and enjoy highlighting it.

3. Thrive by choosing to shop ONLY for clothes that you absolutely LOVE on you, don't settle for less.

4. Thrive by accepting you're always a work in progress, and your inner style is the most important one.

5. Thrive by accepting what makes you unique and bringing it to life through your wardrobe.

6. Thrive by self-expressing your inner-beauty.

7. Thrive wearing colors that instead of hiding you, enhance you.

8. Thrive by looking in the mirror and sending love first thing in the morning to who you see.

9. Thrive by acknowledging your unique traits and dressing them.

10. Thrive by putting on some lipstick and feeling powerful!

I already feel lifted and haven't changed my dress yet ;) 

This is a heartfelt list for you to be BRAVE to THRIVE bringing out your best as often as you can through your style!

And now it's your turn: Could you allow yourself to succeed more using your wardrobe? Even just adding some beautiful and exciting necklaces to your everyday standard outfits.

Much love and fabulousness,

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