How to Camouflage Abdomen Volume

Hey fabulous!


Greetings from Byron Bay!! You need to come here if you haven’t, this is beautiful!!

This week I attended a 3-day business retreat with my mastermind women and I’ve met some crazy successful AND inspiring people.

I’ve witnessed once more how fascinating it’s to see people shine through their gifts!

They were all Public speakers and Successful Professionals who had one thing common:

They discovered their super power and they are shining through it.

How invigorating and powerful it’s to see beautiful women like you and me beam because of their passion!

These 3 days that I’ve left the house, I’ve also been able to put in practice all the tips and tricks I share with you to camouflage and highlight the areas I wanted, and playing hide and seek with my preggy belly ;)

I'm now in my third trimester of pregnancy, my belly is impossible to hide now (not that I want to!) but I’ve been enjoying a lot dressing and applying all the tips and tricks I share with you to disguise or highlight my belly.

Cause, even though we should love our bellies, no matter their appearance, we don't always feel like showing off, right?

When you're pregnant everybody tells you how great you look (even if you're super bloated and looking not your best) there's some kind of tenderness and beauty, everybody loves when pregnant.

Now as soon as the baby is out, we don't carry our belly with the same pride, haha! And honestly, we should, cause it's created the most amazing thing that can be created: A NEW LIFE.


So, now, that I have a very obvious belly I've been playing around with outfits to camouflage the stomach that will come VERY handy in the post-baby life :)

Before I share this with you, know that:

I DON'T think you SHOULD cover your midriff, these are tips I share with you because a lot of women have asked me to, but I always promote having a POSITIVE body image and lots of love towards your magnificent body.

If you don't want to camouflage your midriff, then don't do it!

These are tips that come from a place of LOVE and for you to maximize your beautiful body pattern potential.

This doesn't need to be what you want or what you need.

This tips will help you if you have some volume in your midriff you'd prefer to camouflage.

5 Keys to Camouflage some unwanted Abdomen Volume

1 - Avoid adding any details in the B area

That is: Belts, patterns, buttons, pleats... anything you can think of that could bring any attention to your beautiful tummy.

So, beware of those ‘super style tricks” you read some times: You want to create a waist???

Then add a belt! If you want to disguise your belly keep the details to other areas to keep the eyes away!

I.E. This picture was taken at the end of my second trimester, I had a BIG belly. But the top’s design, makes it almost disappear. Notice the light fabric is away from my belly.


2- Always choose your right fit

Allow some space for a proper fit.

That includes jeans: if it's not designed to fit your body, then go for a better fit. Never feel discouraged, because it's not your body, it’s the pant that is not good enough for you!

Honor your beautiful shape.

3- Show those curves, fabulous!

If you have a defined waist, don’t hide it.

Having some volume in your midriff DOES NOT mean automatically you'll only look good in tunics and massive tops. NOPE.

If you have a defined waistline, be wise, choose the right fabrics that follow your curves.

You can wear a lose top but not too wide, choose fabrics that allow to see some definition in your waist when in front of the mirror.

Like my top here:


4- Layers are your BEST friend.

Play with layers and colors! Use bright and light colors underneath and darker on top to define your beautiful figure!

5 – Draped tops and dresses are awesome!!!!!

They’re great friends when it comes to camouflage volume in specific areas.

Always remember: There’s NOTHING more flattering and attractive than your confidence! Step out the door loving every single part of yourself my friend, because you’re awesome!!!!


And now it’s your turn!

Do you have any specific tricks you camouflage your midriff? I’d love hearing about it in the comments below.

Much love and fabulousness,

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