Upgrading my business: How much should I invest in my clothes?

Hey, fabulous!!

I went shopping last week to buy some clothes that I could fit in during my pregnancy and I spent 200$ (AUD that is) in a dress, 2 tops & a pair of pants. You might say, are you crazy? Or you might say that's normal, or you might even say that's way too cheap!


Now, what if I tell you it was at a 50 and 70% discount and they were premium brands, that means my clothes one week before were more than 500$ in total. Well, that's something else, isn't it, just for wearing a piece of fabric to cover my body...

5 years ago, I'd have bought 2 x the same for 100$ full price... 2 or 3 times... But I don't do that anymore, since when? Since I realized about the relation between valuing myself and how much I invested in my clothes... yup

Now I buy less but spend more... In total?

My clothing budget has reduced substantially, by being more efficient; at the same time as my business has positively evolved.

Spending money on clothes can feel like a very superficial way of using your money.

You're much better off spending your money on some extra training to up-level your career than investing in your wardrobe, right?

Or not?

You might have written as a New Years Resolution: Making More Money.

Well, this is one of the first easy steps you can take to actually upgrade your business.

Invest in clothes that honor your professional value.

No, you don't have to go to Prada.

Yes, you're worth billions, but you don't need to spend that to upgrade your business ;)

Just look at clothes as an upgrading makeover plan to attract the type of business you want!

If you want to have a more successful business, investing in good quality clothes is a good shortcut to get you there faster.

It can feel scary thinking about it, but if you plan it wisely, you could actually spend less, cause you stop yourself from impulsive shopping and making your wardrobe a big part of your upgrading strategy.

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What would a Wardrobe Upgrading Strategy look like?

- Focus on how much extra money you want to make this year, now add the 10% of that amount to your clothing budget.

That would be for example:

If you want to make extra 50.000$ this year... 5000$ added to your annual wardrobe budget.

NOTE: there are shortcuts for adding more value... like buying on sale (like I did with my pregnant wardrobe... Notice that I didn't buy cheaper clothes, but more expensive ones, at a much cheaper rate!)

- Once you have your budget established, now it's time for you to spend it, wisely!
I love buying clothes that I can both use in my life and my business, but not everybody can do that.

Focus on what type of clothes you absolutely need to get this year to upgrade your business.

Let's say, you could buy one capsule every 2 seasons.

- Most importantly, focus on the outcome of your wardrobe upgrade: Maybe you want to be perceived as more professional, more authentic, more reliable or even more powerful? Choose your outfits keeping your wardrobe makeover goal in mind
And then go from there!

Remember, if you want other's to perceive your PRO value, you must first value it yourself!
It's not about appearances, but how you feel when you take care of your Personal Brand and you want to Upgrade your Business.

And now it's your turn; I'd love to know if you have some strategies in place to upgrade your business this year.

Make sure you post your comments below!

Much love and fabulousness,

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