I can't wear shorts: What to do when you're feeling frustrated

Hey there Gorgeous!

If you go shopping or browse fashion magazines, I bet you’ve had any of these thoughts at least once:


"Oh, I can’t wear those jeans, I’m too fat."
"Darn, I wish I could wear shorts, I can’t show these legs."
"I can’t wear sexy dresses; I’m too flat."

Naturally, we’ve all had those thoughts AND said those words.

We see a celebrity looking amazing on the red carpet, or a beautiful girl in a restaurant, with the exact type of style you say you CAN’t wear.

Or maybe you go to a store and see clothes that remind you of what you used to wear years ago and you feel sad that you CAN’T wear them anymore.

Well today, I want to take a closer look at that blocking notion and show you why it’s rubbish!

Let me tell you a story:

The other day I went shopping, and while in my fitting room, I could hear a mom and a daughter (I always love that, cause that it’s one of the things I miss the most when I’m not back home, going shopping with my mom :)
The daughter was trying on some pants, that happened to be the wrong fit, and she said:
“Oh, I can’t wear this pants, I’m too short.”
And her mom’s answer was: “Yes… It’s what it’s…! (in the most loving way, supporting her daughter) > Now, notice the language:
I’m ____, so I can’t wear _____.

And this happens too often to all of us women. How many times have you heard these comments?:

  • Well, after having my baby it has never being the same, so now I can only wear this type of pants.

  • I’m 40 now so I can only buy in certain stores, I can’t shop in forever 21 cause that’s for girl’s bodies…


And that’s exactly my point!:

No matter how our body pattern is, we’ll always find something that we can’t wear.

Ok, so, how about we switch those thoughts and those words? How about we look at it in an empowering way?

How about:

“I choose to wear such and such, cause it’s going to make me look even more fabulous”.

Why not, go with the flow, instead of focusing on what we don’t have?

The truth is, you’re not the same person you were when you were 15, right?
You have much more knowledge, experience, and yes a different body shape.

But, that means that we have evolved. And while you might say, but I to want lose some weight, that’s totally fine!

My point is:

Embrace who you’re right now, and always come from a place of love and acceptance of the person and body you have become.

Make choices from that place.

If you use the right words (words are power), you’ll notice how suddenly you’ll start finding many more options for you to wear.

So, if you ever get caught up in those thoughts, remember this:

“It’s not about what you can or can’t do; It’s about what you choose.”


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Now it's your turn: Have you ever realized about how changing the perspective of looking at your body and its possibilities has opened the door to a new way of styling yourself? I’d love hearing about it in the comments below!

“Let’s start your new fabulous journey, to unveil the best version of yourself.”

Thank you for stopping by!

Much Love and Fabulousness,


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