You're super busy, have a conference coming up and no idea what to wear? Read this!!

Hey gorgeous,

So you´re attending a very important conference soon, and you have no idea what to wear, huh?

If you're an entrepreneur, and the idea of a Smart Professional Wardrobe feels too far away from your actual lifestyle, I see you, and I hear you!

When I started my life as a mompreneur, there was nothing "fabulous" about it, or at least I didn't see it.

It seemed too hard to transition gracefully in the same day from being in my pj's, breastfeeding, and getting myself together with the lack of sleep; to going to meetings and interviews, dressed as a professional and interacting with adults, having actual adult conversations.

I still remember the first day I did it, and how I felt stepping out of the door with my blazer on. To my surprise, I felt like a renovated business woman, but even happier cause I knew what was waiting for me at home.

Whether you're going to be a speaker or an attendant at the upcoming conference, trust me when I say, putting some thought in the outfits you’re going to wear can double the outcome of your experience.

That means, being perceived as a confident woman, who knows her business. It’ll help you feel (more) fabulous, forget about your looks and focus on what you really love doing, your passion; making an impact doing what you know to do best!

Today's post is all about creating a functional wardrobe for a 3-day conference; doing it with pieces that'll actually serve you for your everyday life!

Yup, you don't need to spend money just for a conference! I’m ALL about versatility.

Today’s wardrobe pieces will help you to rock it in all aspects of your life as a wonderful woman, a mom, AND a fab business chick attending conferences.

What helped me a lot to step into my entrepreneur shoes, once I was at my first conference as a mompreneur, was definitely my wardrobe.

I had curated 3 outfits, one for each day and, believe it or not; I didn't buy anything for that conference.

I was able to create not only professional but stylish and colorful outfits, which were very much connected to who I am now. And it was the BEST conference I had so far, in terms of the amount of connections I made.

You know what was the difference? I felt confident: confident about my looks but most importantly about how I was able to project my true essence.

Let’s DIG IN right away my friend!!

The first piece you need to have on your list if you want to nail that conference; even if this is the only one piece you change from day to day,(it’ll create a whole different outfit)!

It’s the Blazer or Jacket.

What kind of blazer?

It depends on your personality, what you want to highlight AND your coloring.

After you’ve downloaded my free guide, let me give you some extra tips to choose the best jackets for you:

- If you have a big bust, stay away from lapels.

- If you have fuller hips, make sure your jacket's hem doesn't fall right on your widest area.

- If your body is straighter, go for straight blazers that will follow your natural lines.

- If you're a pretty little gem, make sure your blazer doesn't have a lot of detail, like pockets, buttons,... It'll shorten your figure.

- If your body is on the curvy side, make sure your blazer has tapered lines, which follow your waist and/or bust.

Now, some examples:

I’ve included an outfit idea for each piece and situation.
I also chose some examples of blazers you can wear both for a conference and for your everyday life with jeans and t-shirt.

The best part!?

You could go through all 3 days with a neutral colored bottom (skirt or pants), a plain white top and a different jacket, and you’d get a completely different outfit every day: just changing your blazer!!

Add a little bit of body text.png

If you're just starting to create a Relaxed/Professional Wardrobe, my advice is to start shopping for neutral colored jackets and after you have some, then go for more fun colors.

For instance, you’ll see below some photos I took of my last Conference’s outfits.

My red and turquoise blazers were added to my wardrobe after I had my neutral colored ones.

You'll see what pops up the most in my outfit is usually my jacket.

Add a little bit of body text (2).png

Try not to get overwhelmed, go one step at a time.

Start looking for jackets that you LOVE and go from there (don’t forget to download my FREE Style Training to make sure you have some very helpful tools!)

Keep this in mind, my dear: 

"It's all about YOU being comfortable with what you're wearing and making sure you're projecting the message YOU WANT!"

My last super tip today to rock it at conference is: 

Plan your outfits ahead of time, so once you get there, you don't need to think about your clothes.

You and I know there are much more important things you need to focus on to achieve your goals at your conference.

And now it's your turn:

Did you find it useful? Did you get some ideas for your next conference? I'd love hearing about it. You can post your comments below!

And if you know of any friend or colleague who could benefit from my tips, it would make me super happy if you share this post with them.

Much love and fabulousness,

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