Say Goodbye to Fruit Body Shapes

Hey, beautiful!


In today’s post, I’ve simplified the whole concept of “dress for your body shape”, staying away from comparing your body to fruits…!

I’m sure you agree; It’s time for you to read further from the apple and the pear body shapes and learn how to look at your body in a unique way because we all have different patterns.

When I started working in this industry, I realized there was, and still there is a big tendency to associate body shapes to fruits.

Here it’s the reason why I don’t do this.

I believe you and me and everybody has a very different pattern.
When comparing your body shape to fruits, I see it as a dishonor to your beautiful body.

I love fruits, but I see it as a disservice to your body to categorize it in such way.

What’s the big deal with the fruit shape thing?

It all comes to trying to make your life easier.

But, my point is. I want to help you to style yourself appreciating your body and not degrading it into a fruit shape.

So here it comes, the big news: drrrrrrrums!
I don’t fit into any of the fruit shapes!!! (standing ovation!! ;P)

Nope, and probably neither do you.

Does that mean that we’re weird? Not really!

It’s completely normal because we all have our personal pattern, and that’s for a reason. Think about it: as I’m writing there are 7.4 billion people in the world, around half of it, are women. Trying to fit billions of people in 4 body shapes categories is kind of difficult, are you with me?

My approach?

Do not feel compelled to fit in, rather than that, start today appreciating your body shape objectively and target the specific traits that you love the most, and you’d like to highlight.

One example:
You love your shoulders, but you feel discouraged cause you’ve seen in “standard” size charts that your shoulders are “too broad.”
Let me tell you if your shoulders are wider than your hips, and you, love them (because you’re allowed to love them!!). Then, go ahead, show them and at the same time wear some volume on your hips to visually balance your whole figure.

Taking pictures of your figure with fitted clothes is the easiest way to see objectively what your body shape is.

The key is first to highlight what you love the most and then disguise what you don’t love as much ;)

Keep in mind that it’s all about highlighting and balancing. Taking pictures of your outfits will help you see it much easier than standing in front of the mirror.

And now, it’s your turn, have you ever felt frustrated trying to fit into one fruit body shape?
Do you have other tips to dress your beautiful body? I’d love hearing about it!

Much love and fabulousness


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