3 unconventional reasons to say “Adiós” to your yoga pants

Hi Gorgeous,

I was always against wearing Yoga Pants in the streets until I tried…

Especially after having Tom (my 2-year-old), OMG! They're comfy, and they fit without a problem! What else could I ask for…!?

But seriously, my friend, how convenient are they!? They match every single color! 
Grab them and hit the streets! That’s it. They felt as if they were sent from heaven!

If only there weren't a few BUT behind it all... And the worst part? I knew it from the moment I started wearing them but I didn't even want to think about what to wear. I had enough trying to adapt to my new life and my "different" body.

A lot is going on behind the decision of wearing them. BUT because of our crazy hectic life we don’t even realize it or don't want to.

Today I'm giving you 3 unconventional reasons to say “Adiós” to your yoga pants in your life outside the gym and yoga studio:

1 – They’re not honoring you

Ouch… That hurts, I know.

I get it, every morning your son/dog is perfectly dressed and ready to go to the park. You’re still in your pj´s, and he´s waiting for you at the door, asking for you to hurry, cause he REALLY needs to go to the park. It´s his moment of the day, you’re going to his territory, it’s his time to shine, and he needs you to be REALLY fast.

So, you run to your room, grab those yoga pants, that hoody and of course, since your hair is messy, the baseball cap and get out.

And I would ask you in that exact moment:
- How about those mint jeans?

- And you would probably say “Oh, I´m wearing those mint jeans that I love SO much tomorrow; I´m meeting this fabulous friend and I want to look nice (for her)”

If you think about it for a second, those yoga pants come out of convenience not out of “I deserve to look nice, today”, are you with me?

So, here it´s my point: Why reserving those mint jeans for another person and why not choosing to honor you and to show up for yourself? Why not allowing yourself to look good just because? Plus, you never know who you’re going to meet at the park! Ha!

2 – Because it’s not a matter of time

Let´s be honest, it takes the same amount of time, (even less) to put on those mint jeans than those yoga pants. What’s the difference?

Your yoga pants are in your automated daily wardrobe system; your mint pants are in your occasional wardrobe system. Period.

Not convinced? My suggestion: spend 10 min (just 10 min. each season) in your room thinking about the pants you have in the ¨coffee time with the girls¨ category and how many times you wear them.

It doesn´t make any sense! Start wearing them, don´t tell me it doesn´t feel much nicer than your yoga pants when you look in the mirror. It’s like a much more comfortable option to wearing heels to feel fabulous ;) It's just a very small action to show up for yourself.

Honestly, those mint jeans have been around for a while now and we don't know how much longer; we better wear the heck out of them and once they’re unwearable, I´m sure it´ll be the red jean kind of season, you can go and buy new ones then :)

3 – They’re not part of your dream wardrobe

Can I tell you something? Stop postponing!

Let me guess; you’re in a transitional moment in your life and nothing fits, I get it, I´ve been there.

Go to Target, (or any other affordable department store if you don’t want to spend a fortune in a transitional wardrobe), buy a couple of basic pants and allow your body to go back to where it was or just allow it to be where it is.

Remember, be kind to yourself.

We’re not our body, we’re much more than that and we need to let go of the resistance of how it looks.

The thing is, letting go of the resistance doesn´t mean to not care about it.

Look at your mint jeans as a way to honor you and how beautiful you are.

You deserve to start working your way to your dream wardrobe today.

Your turn now: do you wear yoga pants everyday? How about switching them for your mint/purple/red/(frikin' rainbow!) jeans?

I'd love hearing about it.

Much love and mint jeans


AB_Logo final-03.png

P.S. I don´t own a pair of mint jeans, nor I´m buying them soon, it´s not in my color palette. I wear military green but any color works for this exercise! Don´t use the mint jean as an excuse to start looking and feeling fab anytime and anywhere!!

P.S. 2 I've been putting together outfit alternatives to your yoga pants. I'll be adding more and more, make sure you follow me on Pinterest for some inspiration!