Stop Following the Dress for your Age Rules, Do this Instead.

Hey legend,

Ah, age...

I can’t even tell you how many times I've heard these questions:

How should I dress for my age?

Is this appropriate for my age?

Most of us believe that once we hit the “mom milestone” or knock on the 30’s decade door… Suddenly, some clothes are “not appropriate”... 

Too often we let that (frikin') number rule our life and our daily decisions.

We need a dear friend, partner, (anybody!) to remind us how good we look or how we, like wine, improve with age, right ? ;)

If you’ve ever wondered: “How should I dress for my age?”

Then this post it’s for you.

This is my answer:

You’re not your age, (nor your appearance anyway!).

You choose your style based on your essence!

Essence doesn’t know about age, it only knows about who you are.

Whenever I go shopping for myself or with a client, I never (ever!) take into account his/her age.

For me, it’s just a limiting belief, and I don’t believe in limitations…! ha! That's it; I said it.

If you have googled: "how to dress at your 30´s" you might have loved it or you might have felt quite depressed (I was closer to the second feeling).

Where are all the mini skirts and shorts!? They're not in the “appropriate list”. Well, it's time for you to hear this (or read this): Do you have beautiful legs? By all means, show them! Do you like bright and fun jewelry? Play with it!

Red lips? Please! 

My point here? I am suggesting us all to re-visit all those things we said goodbye "just because of our age", because are we really going to let a number rule our life?

The one thing that inspires me to create an style for you it’s your whole vibe

And what’s that? (You might say)

That’s the first feeling and idea somebody has when they see you, your walk, hear the tone of your voice, your gestures…

Your vibe attracts your tribe, my friend.

And you might be saying, oh that sounds great. But how do I do that? ->

I have included some examples below to inspire you and picture what dressing for your vibe means to these people (they might be older than you, but definitely have the style vibe idea very much present :)

2016-05-17 (1).png
2016-05-17 (2).png

Last, but not least, I wanted to share this video of one of the inspiring women above. It contains a very powerful message: "dress for your unique vibe with confidence".

And now, it’s your turn: Have you removed any clothes from your closet only because of your age?

If it’s current and you look good on it, maybe today is a good day to put it back in your closet? I would love hearing about it!

Much love and fabulousness,


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