Packing for Christmas? This is my plan

Hello gorgeous,

The most wonderful time of the year is basically a month away… Can you believe it!?

I LOVE Christmas, everything about it: the food, the meaning, the lights, the music… And now, that Tom (my 2-year old) is realizing about everything, it’s even more exciting!!


As you may know, we currently live in Sydney, Australia. 

We feel very grateful to be able to go back home (Spain) for Christmas every year, to be with our families.

The truth is, It doesn’t feel like real Christmas to us until we fly to the cold side of the world to celebrate with our loved ones.

But, living in the opposite season requires some additional packing organization, and I’m already thinking about what I’m putting in my suitcase this time.

After many years living abroad, I’ve learned the hard way; you really need to pack the essential. I'm done with those days sitting on top of my suitcase trying to squeeze in piles of clothes and coming back having worn only 50% of them!!

If you're travelling back home for Christmas: apart from your closest family, chances are, you’re not going to see the same people so many times they’ll see you with the same outfit, and honestly if they do… who cares? right?

But if you like to innovate with your outfits (like me), even when travelling, but don't want to pack your whole wardrobe, I’ve got you covered too, haha!

You don’t need one outfit for every day you’re there, but I have a plan to create more than 25 outfits (casual, smart casual and party) with just a few pieces.

Keep in mind, if you do some shopping while you’re there, you want to leave some space to welcome some fabulous new pieces! ;)

Today, I am sharing with you, my

Christmas Packing Plan

My goal is to be able to fit all of it in a medium suitcase, if I follow this plan, I can tell you I’m meeting my goal this year!!

Tomás (hubby) is not going to believe this… Even though I'm getting better at it,
I´m really bad at only packing the essential.

Today I’m making official my commitment to stick with my packing plan!!!!

Are you with me for the challenge!?

In this plan, there are a few basics, and some special occasion pieces; all you need to be ready and look fabulous for all the occasions.

Packing for Christmas.jpeg

NOTE: I’ve included flat shoes only (the skirt sandals are not part of my plan, but they look nice :). It’s usually harder for you to imagine Christmas party outfits without painful heels. Here you have my suggestions!!

NOTE 2: If you click on the plan picture, it takes you to my Polyvore board, where you can see all the pieces individually.

The key for this to work is versatility!!!

ALL the pieces that I’ve included in this plan can be worn with at least 3 different outfits; others can be part of more than 10…

Few things to keep in mind:

  • You only need one coat: that's the bulkiest piece you're going to take with you. Choose a versatile one you can wear with both sneakers and dressy shoes, like the one I’ve included.
    Oh, and I don’t recommend you a white coat; yes, they’re beautiful, but chances are, it’s not going to last the whole trip white.
    Go for a more practical choice.

  • Knit Dresses are amazing pieces for packing light. They’re super versatile:

    Look at the camel dress I’ve included: you can wear it with over-the-knee boots, nude or dark tights, and a cute pendant for a day outfit, OR with your golden ballerinas and a beautiful choker for a nice dinner OR as a sweater with the leather pleated skirt for Christmas Eve.

  • If you pack heels, don’t pack more than one pair, you’re going to be walking SO much; if you have kids, you’re not going to have so many chances to wear them. You could always include a pair of dark brown pumps to this plan (I will probably end up doing it, but only if they fit ;).

  • Accessories, accessories, accessories!! they don’t take much space, and they are KEY when traveling to change your outfit completely. Specially Scarfs & necklaces.

  • And in case you've been counting...Yes, from this packing plan, you can create more than 25 different outfits, without counting your shoes… how about that!?!?!?! All the dresses I've included can be worn with the skirt.

  • Elastic over-the-knee boots are great packing friends!!! They don’t take much space; they’re light & elegant, and you can wear them both with skinny jeans and short dresses (or skirts).

  • Get that pair of sneakers: you might get a rainy day and you don’t want to ruin your boots, PLUS: If you have kids, a pair of nice leather ones will help you look fabulous and allow you to run around with (or after) them.

  • Two purses (or even one) is MORE than enough. Just choose neutral colors that match everything! I like taking a bigger one for daytime and a smaller one for night time.

  • Choose a good suitcase, as light as possible and resistant!!! It's worth the extra spend. If you happen to travel far away like me… You need a resistant, waterproof luggage that it’s not going to ruin your beautiful clothes.

Experience tip: when visiting family and friends for Christmas, life is busy, don’t pack things “just in case.” Cause once you’re there, you’ll just feel like wearing outfits you feel comfortable and beautiful in them.

You might not even have access to a full-length mirror all the time, so, just go for outfits you know for sure they help you feel beautiful.

When we’re busy, we just want our closet to be of help, not a reason to add stress to our holidays.

And now, it’s your turn: I’d love to know if this was helpful! You can post your comments below if you have any questions or you’d like to share your own tips and tricks :)

And feel free to share away!


"When packing for Christmas go for versatile and practical pieces that make you feel beautiful to enjoy a fabulous, comfortable and stress-free holiday.”

Much love and light,


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