Power Shopping Formula: Shop Fast and Successfully

Hello gorgeous,

If you’re like me, going shopping has become a luxury!

Power Shopping-min.jpg

Between business and family life, there’s not much time left to going shopping.

Let alone to choose the perfect pieces for you.

That’s why I do so much online shopping.

But, let’s be honest, there is really nothing like seeing the product, feeling it and trying it on.

Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to enter the stores and spot the pieces that look best on you right away? Without wasting time browsing and browsing...

Well, that's basically how I do it! And today I want to share with you my tricks.

When I go shopping I need to go either by myself or with somebody who enjoys my speed, why? Because I’m a FAST shopper, (also efficient!). 

Husbands usually love that speed, (and it's quite handy with kids ;).

I love going with Tomas (my husband) because it’s always nice having his opinion, he's usually bang on when it comes to my personal style.

Whenever that happens (nowadays its an unusual situation)  it works like this:

We enter a store; he starts looking to help me find what I’m looking for and by the time he’s looking at the second rack, I’m ready to ready to go to the fitting room or ready to the store altogether.

How is that possible?

I have a cracking formula to shop fast and efficiently - buying things that you're actually going to wear; yes there’s a way to guarantee that!

Ready for it…here we go.

My 3 step Power Shopping Formula

WARNING: If you love spending lots of time in stores OR you have fashion blindness ( you wear it cause it’s trendy, even if it looks like s$&t on you), OR you have a LOT of time, then THIS IS NOT FOR YOU



I know what colors look great on me, so I enter the store, and that’s the first thing I look for.

If I don’t see any candidates, I go to the next store.

There’s no point in wasting my time looking at clothes that aren’t bringing out my best.

Of course, there are exceptions to my color palette. But I also have identified them (like jeans, I can't live without them! :).

This is one of the biggest benefits of knowing what colors look good on you.



Once you’ve spotted pieces with exciting colors, look at their style.

See if it honors your shape or if it’s just a trendy piece you KNOW it’s not going to enhance your features.

I.e. Let’s say, culottes, they are everywhere now, and you know, for a fact they look awful on you; if you have lots of time, go ahead, by no means do I want to stop you from doing it if you want to.

But chances are that you're going to waste time in the fitting room and energy, just because you didn't wait to the next step ;).

Also take some time to appreciate the quality, totally connected to the life of the garment in your closet.

Nothing worse than investing time and money into a piece that's going to wear out in 2 weeks.
Use your time wisely!



Power Shopping Strategy (2).png

That’s right. Only go to the fitting room with them if you really LOVE them, otherwise, go to the next store, come on, do it, don't waste your precious time!

Listen always to your heart, and yes, even when you go shopping! Deep down, you know if you are connected to that piece, or if it's just a garment you're going to forget about in a few weeks.

Now, you might say: but, by step 3, I've discarded so many; there are only a few items I find that survive all the steps, if any!

Yes, that’s true, but would you rather stay with the same boring, soul-less closet you have?
Or do you want to move forward and start planting the seeds to build your dream closet?

The one you wake up to in the morning and you feel joy and confidence choosing pieces that excite you and bring out the best version of yourself!?

I bet you prefer the second option.

If you want this process to be crystal clear, check out this chart I designed for you, to walk through the 3 steps to power shopping.


I do make sure to book a morning for myself once in a while.

You need it to be able to connect with your creativity, and for your mental health!!! Your family and your business are much better when you do take care of yourself, and you know it! 

I'd love to know if this was helpful!

Please leave a comment below if you'd like to ask me anything.

And remember,

If you don't Love it, Don't buy it. Wait until you find the piece that deserves being in your dream closet.

Much love and fabulousness,