Do you have a speaking gig soon?: 3 Keys to getting rid of insecurities (What to wear)

Hi, legend!!

Is public speaking something you have on your list for 2017? Or are you a Public Speaker always looking into stepping up your game?

Speaking in front of an audience is an incredible opportunity to inspire others through your passion and expanding your energy levels.


But so often, we are offered a speaking gig, and we can’t help feeling all these fears and insecurities flourishing that take away a big part of the fun and excitement that comes with the opportunity, agree?

One of the key factors that create our insecurity is the anxiety of not knowing what type of impact we’re going to make.

How is the audience going to perceive me? Are they going to play attention to what I’m saying? Are they going to take me serious? and so on...

If what you want is to make a big & positive impact on them, so they leave the room feeling motivated to add some changes in their life, inspired by your passion, you need to make it easy for your audience!

If you wonder how to take some of that public speaking pressure off your shoulders, these 3 questions to choose the right outfit for your public speaking gigs will help you take back control and make a difference, no matter what.

1. Is this color/s helping me shine or sabotaging me?

Is it making it easy for the audience to remember me, or on the other side, they’ll remember the color?

Does this color make me feel at home?

Your color/s choice will have a massive impact on the way you’ll be perceived and also in the way you’ll feel.

Color affects your levels of energy, and it can be a game changer when it comes to people remembering your message.

Don’t let an unfortunate color choice, ruin all your hard work:

Choose a color that not only makes you feel beautiful and at home but also helps you shine and be the star of the show!

2. Is this outfit allowing me to move freely?

Is it comfortable?

Wearing an outfit too tight might make you feel restricted.

If you’re a natural soul, and you're not into heels, in fact, you’re not very good walking with them:

A public speaking event is not a great moment to experiment with heels.

First, because you won’t feel comfortable and you don’t want to have any distractions when speaking.

Second, if your walking is not your regular walking, you’ll project a lack of security and confidence.

Therefore your message won’t get across as powerfully as it would when wearing clothes that make you feel at home.

Make sure you make choices that allow you to feel comfortable and confident. Don’t risk it!

3. Focus on the message you want to project with your clothes and dress for it.

It’s super important to dress for your unique personality but also it’s key to keep in mind the way you want to be perceived.

Visualize what’s the message you want to project and make sure your outfit reflects it.


You might want to be seen as the approachable and open person you are, if that's the case:

Try to stay away from high necks, restricted outfits and/or pointy earrings that might challenge your ultimate message and it’ll be harder for people to receive it.

Or you might want to be perceived as a care-free person, who is very casual:

Then you could definitely say goodbye to suits or any structured clothing choices that will send just the opposite message.

One last tip:

Make sure you plan your outfit ahead of time, so you tick that box beforehand.
Take pictures in different postures and see how you like it!

Remember, as Maya Angelou said:

“They won’t remember what you said, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.”

Keep in mind your audience wants you to succeed; working on that idea should help getting rid of any other insecurities or fears that may flourish when thinking about speaking in front of a group of people.

If you feel anxious about it, start small and keep practicing.

If it’s something you really want to do, you’ll make it happen.

Bring your A game and shine, baby, shine!

And now it’s your turn:

Are you a public speaker? Or are you planning on becoming one? What are some of the tricks you can give when it comes to dressing for those events? I’d love to know if my tips were helpful. Make sure you leave your comments below!

Until next post,

Much love and light,

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