How to Project a Trusting Personal Brand

Hello Gorgeous!

I love authentic people.

I feel genuinely attracted to individuals who have the courage to spread their love through their unique way of doing their work, whatever that is.

That's something a great personal brand nowadays focuses a lot on, being real, to be able to connect with the audience and make a difference in this world.


So, how come not everybody does it!?

It takes a lot of bravery to be able not to give a damn to what others think about you and proudly project the real you to the world. Agree? 

How about you?

Do you have trouble being perceived as the genuine, powerful and confident woman you are?

Would you like to be able to project a beautiful, trusting and stylish top personal brand?

Would it be helpful to identify what are the keys to take your Personal brand from meh… to I can’t stop following her!?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, and even if you haven’t but you think it wouldn’t hurt to level up a notch your Personal Brand…

Today’s post will bring some clarity to the topic.

3 Keys to Project a Trusting Personal Brand:

1. Color it Beautifully


Make sure you use colors in your branding that suit you and don’t overpower or diminish you, but they enhance you AND YOUR PERSONALITY.

Just because red is the all-time power color, it doesn’t mean you need to use it to project a powerful message.

Identifying the right color palette for you will instantly connect your Personal Brand to the two magic words to be successful: Power and Confidence.

That’s one of the first things we work on our Style Power Program: finding your Magic Color Palette. So you can choose the right colors for your branding and clothes for your photo shoots, that will bring out your best traits and features.

But most importantly, when it comes to your brand, the right colors won't create any type of interference and will help you get your message across.

They will basically make your marketing life easier!

2. Show your unique Personality and project it through your Style.

Make sure you feel comfortable in your clothes and you feel genuine. That'll help you project even more confidence and power. If you're not sure about what's the type of style that best suits you, I recommend you to start your research today. 

If the real you is the one who you’re projecting to your audience, that’ll be for sure some branding that will stay with you forever and ever.


Because you don’t need to make any efforts to be you!!! And that's what your people are asking for.

Of course, your brand will evolve, the same way you do, and that will feel natural and connected to the real you.

3. Having a Trusting and Stylish personal brand, it’s not linked to any specific type of style.

A fabulous and real brand needs to be: consistent, updated and connected.

What do I mean by that?

Consistent: you need to send the same, unique and authentic message over and over again through the different channels you interact with your audience (meetings, social media, emails, products...).

Hint: This is something that becomes natural, once you focus on being just you!

Updated: I mean current.

Wearing an outdated style goes inevitably connected to being inflexible and closed-minded.

And no, that doesn’t mean you can’t show your love for vintage clothing, that’s quite trendy.

Plus, chances are, it won’t even look outdated on you because you know how to make it work!

Connected: A personal brand that’s connected to YOU> Your coloring, your essence, your Personality.


You may be afraid your target audience won’t feel attracted to your personality, and

I have 2 things to say to this:

First: Not everybody is going to like you, and we need to accept it at some point in our life (this was a big one for me, always a work in progress!)

Second: You might not be focusing on the right target audience.

When I was starting in this industry, I came across a colleague of mine with a very joyful and bubbly personality. She looked like a teenager and had a very fine tone of voice.

She was thinking of focusing on a very specific target market: men in high corporate levels.

The reason? A niche market with lots of $$$.

The problem? She felt weird and uncomfortable around what she considered her ideal client. She was finding quite challenging being herself around so much male energy. 

Unfortunately, she ended up closing her business, because she wasn't connecting with her audience. And that was a shame, because there was a huge target market waiting for her to show up!

Please, don’t choose a target market that forces you to change the way you behave.
That’s not healthy for you, nor for your brand; plus it’s not fair to the people who are out there waiting for you to be the real you!

Just because there’s a niche that looks more profitable, it doesn’t mean that
a) you’re going to make more money and
b) you’re going to love working with it!

Real Life Example?

Someone mastering the art of being authentic and having a stylish and trusting personal brand, no matter what?: Denise Duffield-Thomas, the lucky bitch (

She’s a beautiful, natural woman whose personal brand projects a very consistent down-to-earth vibe.

She talks about money and teaches women to be rich.
You’d think when it comes to money you'd need to show a very high-level image to show your audience you have some status (not that I believe so).

Well, she chose the right audience and she is herself, a natural, down-to-earth mama and a lucky bitch.

Of course, a lot of people won’t feel attracted to her personality or her style, but that’s not her people!

There are thousands of women who do feel a great connection with her and she’s making it happen, getting rich being her natural self. Awesome!

Listen to this, there’s nothing less trusting than trying to be someone you aren’t!

I hope you were able to take some good ideas from this post.

Now, I’d love hearing from you. What are some challenges you find when trying to build your Personal Brand or trying to be true to your Personal Brand?

You can post your comments below.

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One of my favorite quotes:

"When someone shows you who they are,
believe them the first time"

- Maya Angelou -

Much love and unique style,


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