How To Find Your Perfect Pair of Shoes

Hey beautiful!

Are you a shoe lover!?

How many pairs of shoes have you bought in your life and barely worn?

I have to say too many!

And it’s because shoes are always there to cheer us up when we go shopping and nothing fits as we’d like.

Shoes fit no matter what size we’re wearing at a particular time and have the ability to make us feel fabulous, no matter what!

Now, the heartbreaking bit…

You buy the most beautiful pair of shoes, take them home all excited and realise after a year, those stunning shoes you fell so in love with and bought because they were a great deal, have been sitting there since the day you brought them home.

You weren’t able to find a single occasion to wear them.

Whether it was because they weren’t comfortable enough or they wouldn’t match your outfit.

They have been accumulating dust since then.

All that money wasted on shoes that weren’t right for you!

Now, what if I told you today’s video is talking about this exact shoe-drama!?

I’m sharing with you the 3 secrets every stylist has to spot the perfect pair of shoes for YOU.

Watch this video to find out How To Spot Your Perfect Pair Of Shoes


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All the shoes I’m showing you in this video are on the Nordstrom website.

I hope you gathered some good inspiration to stop wasting money on the wrong shoes and start buying those pairs that will make you feel like a million bucks ☺, cause you’re definitely worth much more than that!

Sending you much love and light,



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