How To Shop & Wear Scarves


Hello Lovely!

Ok, I have to tell you, I’m a self-confessed compulsive scarf buyer. Honestly, I just love them and I’m going to tell you why!

They are the most convenient addition to spice up any simple or boring outfit. And even better, they’re good for every season…knitted scarves for winter through to silky, glossy, light spring scarves.

But if you’ve ever stood in a store and surveyed the dozens of scarves in stock, have you found yourself wondering which one is the ‘right’ one? You’re not alone there, I can tell you. And to make it even harder, not all scarfs look good on everyone - there are different factors that can make a scarf a “Winner” or a “Total Disaster”.

But I’ve done the hard work and I’m sharing my tips with you to make sure that you avoid Total Scarf Disaster when shopping for the PERFECT one…and I’m going to give you some great ways to wear your perfect scarf too…you can access all of this amazing information in the video below!


So, after you’ve watched this video I’d love to hear what you thought. Did you find this helpful? Do you feel like you’re now armed with the tools to buy the PERFECT scarf (or if you’re like me scarves ;) Let me know - leave your comments below!

Sending you much love and style power,


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