5 Keys To Create A Post-Baby Wardrobe You Love


Hello Gorgeous!

If you’ve gone through pregnancy (or have a friend who has…), does this sound familiar?:

Ok, I’ve been pregnant for almost a year carrying an amazing life inside of me, I know… but now can anybody tell me how to dress this body!?
What do I wear?
There’s nothing in my closet that looks good on me, besides maternity clothes , and I thought we were done with those!?

I look in the mirror and this looks nothing like “my body” and I don’t even know where to start.
I want to look good, but the only thing that makes me feel comfortable are my yoga pants!

Let me tell you amiga, I hear you and I see you:

I’ve gone through it, not once but twice.

Your body goes through a major transition during pregnancy and it’s really hard to know how to dress a new body shape overnight, unless…
I share with you my KEY tricks that have made recovering from baby #2 a much more enjoyable experience!!!!

I’m SO excited to share these tricks with you!!

In this video I explain you how after having bub #1 I fell into the yoga pant cycle really badly and how my style literally saved me from not drowning in a sea of low self-esteem.

I also share with you my style tactics that have changed the way I look at style forever, in the best way!

Keep in mind these tricks will serve you forever and ever.
If you follow my tips, you’ll be expanding your style mind in the most empowering way.


Here’s a sample of my most worn post-baby outfits posted on Instagram:

After watching,
I’d LOVE to know if you had some aha! moments in the comments below!

I’ve been wanting to create this video for a while. These strategies have helped me to practice self-love a lot more this time around and to feel good in my clothes!

If I need to choose ONE THING for you to take away from this post is:
”Be kind to yourself and remember you’re right where you need to be, everything has its own timing and you are a powerful and beautiful legend”

Sending much love and extra style power,


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