How to shop for accessories; even if you feel completely lost!

Hey, gorgeous!

Do you find shopping for accessories much more challenging than any other type of shopping?

Have you ever had this thought?: "Oh, I just can't wear accessories, they just don't look good on me!"

Do you struggle to find the right necklaces or earrings to match your everyday outfits?

Well, let me tell you, it's natural. That's one of the most typical challenges fabulous women like you have. 

And it makes sense; we find a lot of "dressing for your shape" guides, but when it comes to accessories, there's a big information gap.

Well, today I'm sharing with you, my top 3 insider tips that will take your "accessory shopping" to the next level!

If I need to choose one thing for you to take away from this video it's:

When it comes to Personal Style: "Repetition is your best friend."

That means, play attention to your natural shapes and use my tools to replicate them in your style. It's one of my old-time tricks to create stunning looks!

And now, it's your turn: Did you have any aha! moments during this video? Or do you have your own personal tricks to find your perfect accessories? I'd love hearing about them! You can post your comment below.

I hope today's video brought some light to your accessory challenges :) and remember, it's all about reflecting who you really are and your connection with what you wear.

Sending you much love and fabulousness,

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