Elegant & Stylish Even When You're Juggling A Biz & Kids

Hey Fabulous Super Hero!

Being a mom doesn’t need to be connected to not looking stylish, but to embrace the new version of yourself and dress according to your lifestyle.

Whether you’re a full-time mom, you work part time or full time…

Please, stay with me, do not move to the mummy style, there's hope!

There’s a great chance for you to look like the rocking mom you want.

And if you’re already in the yoga pant dark side, I’ll be always waiting for you to make the move to the bright colored casual pant side!!

Maternity and Style are two ideas that long before I was going to be a mom, kept me worried, I really thought they could be incompatible (I know, first world problems, but hey, these are things that can mess up with our heads, more than we actually would like :)

One of the aspects that had me worried the most throughout my pregnancy was the fact that I could catch the “Frumpy Mummy Syndrome” aka severe alteration of women’s style when they’ve given birth to a child that makes the woman dress in boring, and non-stylish (horrible) clothes. 

My major concern about this syndrome?

The secondary effects: the “grandma haircut” >> short hair without any shape whatsoever… I’m not talking about Bob, pitsy cut, stylish haircuts>>

I’m talking about your grandma's haircut; that’s it, and I’m sure you know someone who’s gone for that option. 

And yes, the yoga pant is another side effect!

Tweet, Tweet!

Having some time just for you, will help you feel better and be the best you for the ones who care about you.

These worries, sound very superficial, I hear you… But in a way, they have a much deeper meaning. 

I’ve always been certain that being a mom, wouldn’t bring down my essence, but it’d make it flourish even more. 

After going through some struggles trying to find my place in this world as a mom.

I believe in the power of embracing who we are. 

These are my 3 keys to staying true to your unique and fabulous self- even when being a mom!:

You don’t need to wear heels to be and feel fab!

Ever since I became a mom, living in a big city… 

Flat shoes have become my best friend! Yes, I love them. There’s no need to go for ugly comfy shoes. Let me help you with that...

  1. Superga (Asos): http://bit.ly/2a3imcG
  2. New Look (Asos): http://bit.ly/2ajV9r2
  3. Lacoste (Asos): http://bit.ly/2aspfs3
  4. KG (Asos): http://bit.ly/2afEtA1
  5. Zara: http://bit.ly/2a604sj
  6. Asos: http://bit.ly/2afH5hs
  7. Pretty Ballerinas: http://bit.ly/2afADnZ
  8. Steve Madden (Asos): http://bit.ly/2acl0wt
  9. Nordstrom: http://bit.ly/2avoD62

Shoes say lots about your and while you don’t need to have a wide variety, I always recommend to wear a good quality shoe.

This one comes from my mom.

She’s always put a lot of emphasis on buying good quality, so that they won’t damage your feet.


Due to the amount of time you have, I strongly recommend you to go for the quality vs. quantity; you want your time to be used in a smart way.

Also, the better the shoe, the more it will last and better will age.

Have some lipstick handy!

Not feeling comfortable wearing colored lipstick?

Make sure you check out my article on how to find the right shade for you.

Retouching your lipstick throughout the day will give you a fresh flair :)

Make time for YOU

Make sure you put aside 3 hours/week for yourself.

Of course, when you have a newborn, that can be tricky, but we know that’s a matter of weeks.

After that super crazy period, having some time just for you, not only will help you feel better but to be better for the ones who care about you.

And now it’s your turn; I’d love to know what makes you feel YOU in your hectic life. Make sure you leave a comment in the section below.

Much love and fabulousness,

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