Your all-time Style Questions answered

Hey, gorgeous!

A couple of weeks ago I hosted my first public LIVE event in Australia, and that was hips of fun.

I’m still getting emails from the fabulous women who attended that are blowing me away.

It’s not that I haven’t hosted events before, but this time, it was different, it was amazing!

What did I change?

I did it all in my terms:

IMG_4668 (1).JPG

You were my Focus

This time what I did was focusing on the fabulous audience, yep! How?

It was all about what they had to offer to the workshop and how I could help them.

Their questions, their goals, their ideals... A totally customized event. 

The Room was Beautiful

I booked a beautiful suite in Sydney CBD (before I used to do it in conference rooms or just any room I could find)

This time, the room was SO inviting, that you could barely keep yourself from feeling stylish, just from the very moment you were entering the room!

Less Theory, more experience

I reduced my slides number by 75%... Yup…And what we had were mostly images instead of a boring powerpoint presentation.

What this proves: I knew my thing. So, why would I teach boring theory when having me right there could be the best opportunity for these women to pick my style brain as much as they could!?

There were no rules!!!

Some of the best Q’s to my A’s we had that can bring some light into your Stylish Life:

Should my purse match my shoes and my belt?

Duh, the eternal question!

My A: It depends!

If you work in a high-level corporate environment… Then yes, there’s no other way to go. When you’re wearing a super formal suit, you need to pair it with matching accessories to keep its level of formality high in the sky.


If you’re an entrepreneur or you work in a relaxed environment or just not so high-level…

There’s NO NEED. I barely wear matching shoes-belt-purse ever….

You do need to make sure there’ s some kind of harmony in your coloring though.

See some examples here from the Fabulous Julia Engel from

Untitled design.png

When finding out my magic color palette, does it change when I’m tanned?


--------Clarification: Your magic color palette it’s a group of colors that match your natural coloring: skin, hair, eyes, teeth… Your natural skin color it’s determined by 3 pigments)—-----

So, you may now guess what my A is:

No, never. Yes, when we’re tan we look better in everything, I know! We all love a nice tan! But the colors that help your skin glow when you’re milky white will still look best on you when you are tanned.

That’s it!

When wearing formal dressing attire, do I need to wear heels?

I’m sorry to say, in this case, it’s necessary for you to wear them…

My question to this issue is always: Do you have meetings every day?

If so, there’s no way around it.

When wearing a beautiful pant/skirt formal suit; you need to wear it with heels to keep its level of formality and projection of super power.

In other formality levels!?


Check out my post on Fancy Flat Shoes to get some ideas. You do not need heels to look dressy and fabulous!!!!

And now, I'd love hearing from you: Did this help you answer some of your Style questions? If so, I would love to know! If not, please make sure you leave your questions below!! I'd love answering them in future posts!

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