My Ultimate Secret to Looking and Feeling Fabulous

Hey Lovely!

What if I tell you this one trick I'm about to share will stop you from looking at pictures of the past and tell yourself:

"How silly was I back then for not appreciating how great I looked!?"
"I wish I had realized how beautiful I was and owned it!"

Well, it's never too late to change your mindset, how about right now!? 

I'll start by sharing with you one of my mantras; it's a quote my mom has always said:

“It’s from noble hearts to be grateful”.

For some reason out of the 100 sayings, my mom says (that’s a lot of sayings…!), that's the one that resonated with me the most over the years.

It wasn’t until I moved to Toronto and I became friends with a lot of enlightened people, that I found out about the power of gratitude:

"The more you are grateful for what you have, the more you will have to be grateful for and the more present you become."

What did I do? I started practicing gratitude in all aspects of my life, starting from my relationship with Tomás (my dear husband).

The simple fact of sending gratitude to the universe and God, made me feel more and more grateful every day for what I had. To the point that, 5 years ago, when we got married, that´s all I said in my speech… Thank you, thank you and thank you!


After that, I have been applying it in all aspects of my life; it helps me connect with my true self and the now! When you are deeply connected with yourself and appreciate your NOW there is no place for regrets from the past; there is only time for what´s going on right now. I experienced a big shift in everything I applied gratitude into.

Ok, so, what does all of this has to do with looking Fabulous!?

Funny, doing what I do, I never actually applied this magical formula to my image, not until a few months ago...

So, like 100% of women, I feel self-conscious many, many days. Like you, I wake up many days with my ego reminding me all my “imperfections”.

Especially going through pregnancy, and recovering from it… (OMG, talk about transformations!) It’s a period in your life when your body transforms so fast; you barely have time to assimilate all the changes.

It wasn’t until a few months ago that I stopped and said to myself: 
What if I start being grateful every single day about things about me? What if I start practicing gratitude in the aspects of self-love and stop being so hard to myself!? What if I stop resisting changes and start embracing them?

And Boom!

That was it! I started my personal "self-love gratitude commitment"; I set up a work-out routine, and it’s working! I have always exercised before, but after having a little one, it's so easy to put excuses...!

I now feel more and more toned every week, and what’s best, my mind is much more clear to focus on my family and my business, what truly matters.

Also, ever since I have been exercising the "self-love gratitude" muscle, I have been receiving a lot of compliments, yup! (Not that you should worry about what others think. But of course, it's nice to receive positive feedback when you are following a new path! :)

The other day I received one compliment that I especially loved:

"You look good; you project calm and satisfaction". ( What!?!?! How often do we hear that kind of compliments!?). You can imagine my face of joy, ha! How awesome was that!?!?

Now, I’m not saying because you start saying thanks every morning you are going to become Naomi Campbell overnight. But one thing I can promise you, you'll start feeling more and more in love with you, your body and appreciating all your own and unique "fabulousness."

Being thankful it does pays off. Gratitude connects us to our true nature. You'll feel more and more attracted towards transforming your image in the direction of your most ideal version of yourself, the one that projects the real and unique you. Things will start falling into place magically!

Ok, so are you ready to give it a try!? Are you ready to start experiencing an incredible shift in your journey to personal "Fabulousness"? You can do this!: 

Start today saying "Thank You" for 3 things about your whole image, every single day.
I find when you wake up in the morning or even before getting up from bed it's a good time to practice gratitude.

Trust me, if you are open and receptive, you'll start attracting more and more reasons to make you feel more and more grateful for what you have and what you are.
I would love hearing from you. Do you have a self-love routine? Do you practice gratitude? Are you willing to join me in this "self-love gratitude movement"? 

Much Love,


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"The more you practice self-love every day, the more you'll bring to light all your fabulousness" via @almabarrero