The Power of Red: Own it!

Did you know that red actually can suit everyone?
Yup, you too! There are millions of shades of red, and there is a perfect one for you.

To put it simple, in this image you can see 4 different reds. The main differences between each other are determined by: their colour temperature (cool or warm), value (the amount of white in it) and intensity(the amount of grey in it). In the end though, everybody fits into one of these reds.

And you might wonder, 'can everyone fit into any color then?
Like green and blue?

You bet!

Red, over all other colors, projects power, strength, passion, and confidence.
All these are the qualities that lead to attract more respect, greater success and greater achievement.

I bet you can come up with a lot of situations when projecting all those can be life changing... Valentino, legendary fashion designer, essentially brought this color to life and to the masses. He knows how to dress a body and complement the person's personality with the red color.

Here are some very neat yet subtle image concepts that usually only image consultants and some stylists might know and are specifically related to the color red:

  • If you're a woman working in corporate environments, play attention to this tip! Red lips on a woman have the same effect as a tie on a man, yes!!! Wearing red lipstick to an important meeting is actually an effective tool to make sure everybody is listening to you. In this case, the proper shade will help you project how powerful and incredible you are!
  • Wear a Red tie: Wearing a good quality non-shiny and plain (or very little patterned) tie, creates an elegant - sharp image that can be the key to closing that important deal you have in mind. This is also often why so many politicians and important people wear a red tie very often as it empowers them even more and project respect and attention.
  • Also, typically when it comes to the suit colors allowed in corporate dress code requirements, one would normally find navy blue and dark grey. What's interesting is that red also happens to be one of them for women. Yes, women can wear a powerful red suit in a high formality level!

This all should be reason enough for you to have the power of red power at your disposal and in your wardrobe!

Now, that you know all this, I bet you want to find out which is your perfect red… How do you find out?  Your red will be the one that will give a healthy look to your skin. It will make your hair (natural color) as well as your eyes look shinier and it will make your teeth look whiter.

And yes, it might be harder depending on your skin tone, but it's out there!

Go Red Power!

"Red is the ultimate cure for sadness".

Bill Blass


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