5 Basics to Have the Best Conversations and get more clients!

Hello Fabulous!

Duh, Conversations.
I find they can be super easy to have for one person and a major challenge for another.

One little chat can either take you to having life long friends or a lifetime of disagreements.
Just one conversation can be crucial in many ways, agree?

A first date, getting to know a new colleague, networking... are just a few of the many situations we try to avoid uncomfortable moments of silence.
Additionally, if you're not a very social person, any of the situations mentioned above can seem like a nightmare.

In today’s article you'll find some of the most important qualities to becoming a great conversationalist and will also discover the importance this role can have on your personal and professional life.

The 5 Basics to have the Best Conversations:

1. Be Positive

Avoid chatting about what's not going well or not working in your life.

I've been told many times how positive I am - sometimes as a good thing and sometimes as a bad thing...
I look at everything that happens in my life in a positive way and as a consequence, life tends to flow more easily!
The best part of it, it attracts more positive people and further positivity within myself.

So I invite you to keep your focus on the positive side when you're having a conversation - from now on!

Some of the topics it's best to avoid when you have conversations are:

Criticizing others, gossip, complaining, victim comments, politics, money, etc.

There are many more, but it can even be depressing just listing them off! lol

Be aware of the power of words!.
I.e, it's more effective to say “I'd rather this” than saying “I don´t want that”.
You're basically saying the same thing, but the attitude is totally different!

2. Listen. 

Listener: a person who listens, especially someone who does so in an attentive manner” (Oxford Dictionary).

Show interest in the other person.

Being a good listener is truly a precious gift and it'll be truly appreciated by others. 

You can show interest in the other person having a conversation based on his/her hobbies, talking about their impressions about a movie, a magazine, a tv show, and also talking about good news the two of you know about (Remember, always positive comments!). 
Don't talk about yourself unless the other person asks BUT never interrogate the person you're speaking with.

3. Speak and Act like your Mom taught you ;)

Aahh, Good manners! We learned them when we were little kids but often but often we relax and forget they play an important role in our personal and business lives.
Saying “thank you” and “please” at every chance actually does make a difference.

4. I can teach you Body Language... (says the song)

Get this, our bodies also communicate!! BOOM!! 

I'm here to tell you some little tricks.
Some of the fundamentals for good body language include: 

  • If you're standing while you are having a conversation, make sure to stand straight instead of slouching or leaning to one side.-If you're sitting keep your back and neck straight

  • Otherwise, you may look tired and the other person may then think you aren't interested.-Try not to cross your arms: open arms show that you're open.

  • Maintain eye contact (it will show you have nothing to hide) and very important

  • Smile here and there! :)

5. Good presence.

Having a neat image and taking care of our personal hygiene, are some of the most fundamental keys to attract others and enjoying a conversation.
You might have all the traits mentioned above, but if you don’t take good care of your whole image, chances are you'll miss some opportunities to make great connections with many people.

And now it's your turn!

Test what I'm saying here with the people who you most enjoy speaking with.

Notice if they're following some or all of these 5 Basics! I'd love hearing about your insides!
These are powerful keys to creating the best conversations; I hope you practice using them well!



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