7 Facts About Colour You Probably Didn’t Know

Hey, Legend!

Before I knew about colour and its positive effects in my life, never even crossed my mind questioning what shades I would wear, except on Valentine’s or St Patricks Day.

So, no I wasn’t born knowing all this colour thing.

I remember as if it was yesterday, THE DAY I found out what my BEST colours were, oh gosh!

My first thought was: WHY!?!? Why these colours??? Why do I look SO crappy in black compared to brown?!?!? (Crying inside)

My second thought: I have NOTHING in my STUFFED closet looking like any of these colours!?!? What am I supposed to do!?!?!?

My third thought: And now that I know this I can’t just ignore it (just for the sake of justifying my time & money investment!). I need to find out if these colours really make me feel better.

And so I did AND the rest is history.

Nowadays, 90% of my closet is full of colours that bring out THE BEST in me and most importantly spark SO MUCH joy in my life!

And so, that’s why today I’m sharing with you:

7 Life-Changing Facts About Colour You Probably Didn’t Know (AND changed my life!)


Wearing a palette that matches your natural colouring can actually help you shift your energy levels.

On the other hand, you can feel de-energized wearing colours that don't harmonise with your natural complexion.

Yup, Colour Magic is THAT powerful.

You can really feel the difference when you get used to wear colours that go with you, it's kind of addictive.

For this reason, black lovers, I’m looking at you:

If you wear lots of black because you find it looks great on you or because of its popular slimming effect (more on this soon), beware when wearing black from head to toe.

Black, by nature, absorbs energy. 

When wearing all-black outfits try to pop in some colour even if it’s in your underwear, so you add some energy shifting to your day!


Wearing your ideal palette, you look healthier, younger and more confident. Ha! Do you really need any more facts!?

Wearing the right shades not only helps to even your skin tone but it also brings out a healthier colour in your cheeks and lips naturally.


So, guess what happens when you are wearing one of your magic colours makeup free? Yes, you add the most natural and suitable blush and lipstick to your face, instantly.


Once you identify your Ideal Palette, 90% of the colours in it Mix and Match.

That means, you can pretty much forget about the old time question:

Do these colours match?

And start feeling more confident about your wardrobe choices!

This fact has changed the life of SO MANY of my clients to date, they swear by their colours now.


Lighter and Brighter Colours catch your eye before Darker & Muted Colours do:

This fact is the reason why Lighter and Brighter Colours make the area visually bigger.

And it's also the reason why they say "dark colours make you slimmer".

So, what's the solution??:

Use your Colours wisely!! 

Add brighter/lighter colours in areas you love highlighting and same but opposite with darker colours.

So, right now, what's one area of your whole body you'd be happy to highlight?

Pay attention to how you use colour to make the most of your amazing body.


Your Ideal (and Unique) Colour Palette is the one that matches your Natural Colouring (Skin, Eyes, Hair).

This palette NEVER changes because it's connected to your unique skin pigment mix.

No matter how tanned you are or how much you age, that unique palette will always be the best for you.

Question for you: 

Have you noticed YOU receive more compliments with some specific colours? And by compliments I mean: "You look great!" instead of "That's a beautiful colour".

Which takes me to the next fact:


When wearing colours which belong to your Ideal Magic Palette, you (and those around you) will see YOU first and THEN the colour.

On the other hand, when you wear colours that overpower you, they create an interference, and people see the colour first.

This is a GREAT tool for you to be able to be more visible and make a greater impact in your life and your business!

It is also the reason why wearing a colour that suits you is KEY to be more memorable and charismatic when you communicate (people actually remember you easily) whether it’s at public speaking events, online videos, interviews or business meetings.


Not many people get colour right… That’s the truth.

Style Power Schoolers often ask my opinion on the so-called “season palettes” they find on Pinterest and what I’ve found is: 99.9% of them contain the wrong colours.

There's a good reason behind this surprising fact: There’s a lot of science behind each colour palette and your eye needs to be trained properly to choose the right colours.

So, make sure you choose a trusted source if you start your life-changing colour magic journey. 
Trust me, it’s worth the effort!



The most important reason of all>>

Wearing your IDEAL COLOURS has an invigorating and indescribable effect on the inside.

How YOU feel when wearing them is the reason why I can't stop telling you about it, it's the reason why I do what I do, and also the reason I see every single one of my clients experiencing a MAJOR shift in the way they dress themselves and they talk.

Your confidence levels raise automatically, why?

Because you feel SO GOOD, and by good I mean, connected and ready to step out the door proudly showing your true colours, yessss!

Now it's your turn:

Tell me, what did you like the most about this post? Was it eye-opening in any way?

Please comment below and ask any questions, I'd love to know what's crossing your mind RIGHT NOW! 

Sending you Much Love and Fabulousness,


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