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March 20, 12PM AEDT


Hola, I'm Alma

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I’ll show you how I can change your life, one outfit at a time.

My goal for this class is to share my exact formula to create a wardrobe that works for YOU: your shape, your colours, your lifestyle AND your personality.


You'll Learn

  • The best way to use colour to bring your outfits to life

  • How to dress your body type (using what you already have in your closet)

  • The one reason why most women hit a wall in their style journey and how to gracefully overcome it

  • The proven five step formula to reclaim your style mojo and sparkle with confidence every single day

  • My approach to unlocking a style that evolves as you evolve

  • How to make easy, effortless, elegant wardrobe choices as a tool for self-expression.



When it comes to styling, I’m passionate about empowering women - 

beautiful, successful, everyday individuals like yourself

- to own their natural beauty, let their personality shine, and bring confidence, comfort, and elegance back into their life.

As a style + empowerment coach

I give women the tools to navigate through any negative or limiting beliefs surrounding their image or body type and support them as they learn how to develop their personal style.

I’ve worked with incredible clients from all walks of life and ALL of them had the same desire:

to feel confident when
dressing for their everyday life.

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